VIDEO: Watch Richard Christy Drum the ‘Live PD’ Theme Song

Heavy metal musician turned Stern Show staffer celebrates the arrival of a new cop show, “On Patrol: Live”

June 27, 2022

Heavy metal drummer turned Stern Show staffer Richard Christy learned some exciting news over the weekend, “On Patrol: Live”—a reboot of his beloved cops and criminals-focused reality series, “Live PD”—premieres in less than a month. As fans and listeners may remember, Richard loved the original show so much he once recoded a drum accompaniment to its theme song. “Live PD” even agreed to air Richard’s version along with its 300th episode, but the show was canceled before that could happen.

Thankfully, the performance was not lost. Watch Richard drumming the “Live PD” theme song (above).

“This is what the inside of Richard’s head sounds like,” Howard joked after hearing the clip. On a more serious note, he wondered why Richard’s skills on the drums never resulted in fame and fortune. “You’re probably one of the best drummers I’ve ever heard,” he said.

“It’s amazing,” co-host Robin Quivers concurred.

“I got to tour. I saw the whole world when I was in my 20s … People in the metal world know me,” Richard retorted shortly before conceding there simply wasn’t much money in being a heavy metal drummer. “I never had an indoor shower until you hired me, Howard,” he laughed before detailing how he’d previously bathed outside with a hose. “So, thank you!”

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