Benjy Bronk Shows Off Slimmed-Down Look and Reveals He’s Dating Someone New

“I’m definitely feeling better. I bought some new clothes,” the Stern Show staffer says

September 7, 2022

Howard and co-host Robin Quivers were shocked on Wednesday to set their eyes on staffer Benjy Bronk, who had slimmed down to 170 pounds in recent months and looked to many like a whole new man.

“Wow, you actually have a waist,” Robin remarked after getting a glimpse of her colleague.

“You look good,” Howard agreed. “What did you do?”

“Counting calories helps me a lot,” Benjy said, explaining that prevented him from binge eating. The New York City marathon veteran had begun an exercise regimen, too, walking on the treadmill and lifting a modicum of weights. Over 100 pounds lighter than he’d been at the heaviest point in his life, Benjy had quite literally become a fraction of his former self. However, the drastic physical transformation had left behind sagging skin. “I showed it to my [doctor] friend,” Benjy said. “I lifted my shirt and he looked like he was going to vomit.”

But Benjy wasn’t letting that get him down. “I’m definitely feeling better. I bought some new clothes,” he said.

Benjy’s physical appearance wasn’t the only thing that had changed over the break. He also started dating someone new. Without going into too many specifics, he revealed the “significantly younger” woman came into his life at the beginning of summer, the two were already exclusive, and she has encouraged him to shave off the hair on his head.

“Are you feeling happier?” Howard asked Benjy in summation.

Benjy struggled to say one way or another, which Robin deemed “a very Benjy answer.”

“Benjy is blossoming, Robin, and sometimes not,” Howard concluded. “Everyone loves Benjy. I’m happy to see he’s pulling it together, sort of.”

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