VIDEO: ‘Alex Jones’ Reveals What Really Happened in Court Before Peddling More Pills

“For the female warriors out there, you need the new Insta-Wet supplements,” the InfoWars host insists

September 8, 2022

The defamation lawsuit against InfoWars host Alex Jones proved to be a case for the ages. Not only did a judge admonish the broadcaster in court for chewing something that appeared to be gum, but his own lawyer also accidentally revealed the contents of his cellphone to prosecutors. On Wednesday, “Alex Jones” joined the Stern Show to share his side of the story … and then hawk a new line of performance enhancers.

“The war is not over,” “Jones” told Howard and his listeners, adding, “We need money. Buy Insta-Hard right now … It’s great for your prostate health. I take about eight or nine Insta-Hards a day – which is one of the lighter doses. You want to have … the reddest erection possible.”

Not only did “Alex” chew gum during his conversation with Howard, but he also chomped on a mouthful of chips while revealing what investigators were likely to find when they confiscated his phone. “If they put anything in there, it’s planted,” the broadcaster insisted.

“Anything else you want to say?” Howard asked.

“For the female warriors out there, you need the new Insta-Wet supplements … it’s filled with rat poison and tar,” “Jones” concluded.

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