VIDEO: Info Wars Host ‘Alex Jones’ Goes Off on Howard and Prays for His Demise

Puppet parody also welcomes George Soros and Eric Clapton onto his show

September 16, 2021

Howard recently caught flak from Info Wars host Alex Jones for urging the American public to get vaccinated against COVID-19. On Monday, Howard invited the broadcaster’s cut-out counterpart on the air in the hopes of holding a reasonable discussion on the matter.

“Why are you so angry?” Howard asked him. “Tell your listeners to take [the vaccine] … and save their lives for god’s sake.”

But “Alex Jones” wasn’t hearing it. “I rebuke you, monster, and I’ll tell you you’ll see the power of god—Jesus will bring judgment,” the Info Wars “host” said as he began to pray in tongues while flanked by sketchy nutritional supplements, multiple copies of his book, and a guitar signed by one “J. Epstein.”

“When is that going to happen?” co-host Robin Quivers asked. “I’m tired of waiting.”

The COVID conversation was derailed by “Alex” announcing an upcoming guest—headline-grabbing musician Eric Clapton—and the arrival of a pitchfork-wielding “George Soros” who seemed eager to feast on babies.

“Well, there you go,” Howard concluded.

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