VIDEO: Bobo Gets Pranked by Actor Turned Life Coach ‘Sylvester Stallone’

Wacker Packer sports a sleeveless “Rocky” shirt during the phony Zoom call

November 2, 2022

Wack Packer Bobo received some very real advice over the summer from some very real celebrity superfans — including Fred Armisen, Andy Richter, Jeff Probst, and Ike Barinholtz — on how to ask better questions when phoning into the Stern Show. “It got us thinking, ‘Would Bobo allow himself to be coached by clips of Sylvester Stallone that we got from his Instagram account?’” Howard wondered Wednesday morning.

The answer was a resounding yes.

“Hey Sly, how you doing? I can’t tell you just what an honor and a privilege to be on the phone talking to you with your success as a brilliant actor and screenwriter,” Bobo began in a Zoom call while wearing a sleeveless “Rocky” t-shirt. “I’m very excited to see ‘Tulsa King,’ your TV series on Paramount Plus.”

Howard had several immediate objections. “Where do you get off on calling him Sly?” he asked Bobo. “And why, when you’re talking to a guy, do you start giving him full plugs? … You’re not doing a show.”

“I know. I’m just so excited I guess to get it all out,” Bobo said.

Bobo dominated most of the conversation, but when “Stallone” finally did get a few words in he spoke in riddles before cursing the Wack Packer out.

“Awesome. Thank you. Keep punching, buddy,” Bobo responded.

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