How Big of a Wedding Gift Should Everyone Give Steve Nowicki?

“I’m not going. I just gotta send him a gift,” Howard says

April 11, 2023

Ronnie Mund’s wedding may be the talk of the town, but Howard’s longtime limo driver isn’t the only Stern Show staffer about to tie the knot. “You know who’s wedding I was invited to? Steve Nowicki. I’m not going, I just gotta send him a gift,” Howard said on Tuesday morning, explaining he wasn’t sure whether he should give the happy couple cash or perhaps something from their registry, which apparently included a $1,400 knife set.

“What are you looking for for a gift?” Howard asked Steve.

“No gift,” the longtime staffer responded. “Literally, you’ve given me the greatest gift.”

Ronnie disagreed, suggesting someone in Howard’s position should consider giving the “loyal employee” and his bride-to-be $2,500.

“Shit, I was thinking $1,500, but maybe you’re right,” Howard said.

Not everyone agreed with Ronnie’s assessment. Mike Pearlman suggested Howard could give Steve $1,500. His colleague Samantha Fontana suggested even less. “I thought $1,000 would be really generous,” she said, adding, “I’ll give Steve $500 … That’s what I gave to Memet [Walker], and I didn’t even go to his wedding.”

Howard was shocked to learn Memet had even gotten hitched. “Memet had a wedding? I love that guy. He didn’t invite me. Thank you!” Howard said. “That’s called employee of the month.”

At one point, executive producer Gary Dell’Abate came on the air to reveal Howard had gifted him $1,500 when he got married way back in 1992. Co-host Robin Quivers, meanwhile, confessed she’d been invited to Steve’s wedding but hadn’t yet decided what present she might give him. Stern Show stalwart Fred Norris’s response was similar, though he assured Steve he’d “participate in the money grab” somehow.

Memet was skeptical. “I don’t know if you should expect anything from Fred,” he told Steve. “I invited him to my wedding and didn’t even get an RSVP from him.”

“I apologize,” Fred responded. “I didn’t get the invitation. I have spotty mail out here.”

That gave Howard an idea. “Hey Steve, I didn’t get your invitation,” he said with a laugh.

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