VIDEO: JD Harmeyer Reveals He Once Had a ‘Crush or Whatever’ on Ronnie’s Fiancée Stephanie

“She was nice to me, so of course I liked her,” the staffer explains

October 2, 2023

From guest lists to pool parties, Ronnie “the Limo Driver” Mund has plenty to worry about on the eve of his wedding. But should the Stern Show staffer also be concerned with a close friend and colleague trying to steal his bride at the altar?

On Monday morning, listeners learned JD Harmeyer once had the hots for Stephanie, Ronnie’s soon-to-be wife. The two met several years ago at one of Ronnie’s infamous block parties, and JD thought they had established quite the connection. “I’m like, ‘Oh, this girl is kind of close to my age, or whatever … Wow, she’s like from the same area as me’ … I’m like, ‘Wow, man, I might’ve met someone I could talk to or whatever,’” JD recalled in a clip Howard played on the air. “But she was with Ronnie. I didn’t know that.”

“She was cute and a girl who lived around the same area as I did in Ohio,” JD continued, later adding, “She was talking back to me. She was nice to me, so of course I liked her.”

“Is it awkward to go to the wedding? Is it painful?” Howard asked JD.

“No, that was a very short-lived, uh, crush or whatever you want to call it,” JD said before promising not to object to Ronnie and Stephanie’s marriage—even if the couple’s Elvis-impersonating officiant offers guests the chance.

While JD might tear up at the wedding, he swore it wouldn’t be because of any feelings he once had for Stephanie. “I might cry because … I’m empathic, you know. I feel their happiness and love, and, you know, good for them,” he said.

Howard also had a query for the 73-year-old groom to be: “Ronnie, if you do pass, will you allow JD to go after her while you’re gone?”

“Yeah, sure,” Ronnie said. “What the hell?”

Though Ronnie played it cool while discussing JD’s feelings for his fiancée, he did have one question for his colleague: “Did you go home and jerk off that night thinking about her?” he asked.

“No, I need a visual thing to jerk off to,” JD said, before adding, “Listen, it wasn’t meant to be, obviously … Her and Ronnie are meant for each other.”

“She and Ronnie,” co-host Robin Quivers corrected.

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