Stern Show Staffers Got Into an Intense Fight During a Duck Dinner

“I work with him, I wouldn’t say we’re friends,” JD Harmeyer says of Chris Wilding after confrontation

November 28, 2023

What started as a friendly feast amongst friends quickly turned into a tense fight amongst co-workers. When some Stern Show staffers went out for a lavish duck dinner recently, things went south after JD Harmeyer confronted Chris Wilding about the impression he does of him.

“We were both a little drunk … but for whatever reason I thought I was able to express something that I’ve been feeling,” JD told Howard Monday morning. “I said to him, ‘You know, it kind of annoys me that you do an impression of me like almost during every meeting’ … [and] he sort of got a little offended.”

According to Chris, outside influences led to JD speaking up. “There’s been a smear campaign … I feel things are going on behind the scenes and I think it’s getting to JD’s head,” he theorized. “I do a Richard Christy voice, I do a Jon Blitt voice, I mean I do a voice for everybody … I just find it odd that all of a sudden JD is like really, really turned against me.”

Even after a couple of weeks since the incident, the friction remains high. “I work with him, I wouldn’t say we’re friends,” JD said of his current relationship with Chris.

“I’m out of the JD business,” Chris noted of his former friend. “I will not make any more jokes about JD … I’m not putting up jokes anywhere about him. If I’ve done something to offend him and there’s a sensitivity with me, he doesn’t have to worry about that anymore.”

But, as JD tells it, there was at least one good thing to come out of the dinner. “The duck was worth the drama,” he admitted to Howard.

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