AUDIO: Wolfie Met Men With Giant, Silicone-Enhanced Penises at Meat Up Convention

“This guy told me that he can’t even run anymore – it’s like running with a bowling ball in your underpants,” Stern Show staffer recalls of one girthy attendee

February 20, 2024
Photo: Getty Images

Between dominatrix dinner parties and Fist Fest, there’s not much that can shock Stern Show staffer Wolfie. But even he was taken aback at the humongous packages he saw at “The Meat Up” — a convention for men who go to extraordinary lengths to have big penises.

“This guy told me that he can’t even run anymore,” Wolfie told Howard Tuesday after playing audio of the gentleman revealing he had over a half-liter of silicone injected into his penis and scrotum. “It’s like running with a bowling ball in your underpants.”

Wolfie also spoke to “The Beast,” an attendee who was awarded the title of Mr. Meat Up. After the staffer likened his package to the biggest eggplant he’s ever seen, the Beast was flattered. “That just turns me on right there,” he admitted before commenting on the big victory “It feels fucking fantastic because I’m the Beast  … I’m the biggest of them all.”

But heavy is the head that wears the crown — the Beast’s large size does get in the way of his sex life. “It doesn’t fit most of the time but that turns me on,” he told Wolfie. “If it doesn’t fit, that makes me even … hornier.”

Listen to the full audio (below).

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