Richard Christy Grosses Out Entire Show Recalling How He Recently Ate a Booger

“First booger I’ve eaten in 44 years, and I wasn’t missing much,” the 49-year-old Stern Show staffer admits

February 20, 2024

Richard Christy has done many gross things over the years, but when the Stern Show staffer admitted in a note to colleagues that he recently ate his own booger, he might have crossed the line. “I picked my nose while driving to the train today and had nowhere to put the booger, so I ate it,” the message read. “It was very gross, but I washed it down with coffee … first booger I’ve eaten in 44 years, and I wasn’t missing much.”

“The guys started to tell me about it this morning and I made them stop because I started to feel ill,” a repulsed Howard said on Tuesday morning. “I’m going to throw up.”

“Fire him now,” co-host Robin Quivers added. “People shouldn’t have to work with him. This is terrible.”

When pressed on why he didn’t just flick the booger out the window, he had what in his mind was a reasonable explanation. “It was not a flickable booger,’” the 49-year-old staffer insisted. “It was big and wet and it had a little blood in it.”

“I actually felt bad for the booger,” Howard joked after getting his bearings again. “You finally escaped Richard’s disgusting body and then he eats you, puts you back in.”

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