VIDEO: Watch Gary Dell’Abate’s Dog Riley Frolic With His Deer Friend

“It’s the most beautiful thing you ever saw,” Howard describes

June 26, 2017

Gary Dell’Abate’s dog Riley (named for the late Riley Martin) has a new best friend, but it isn’t another dog or even a human. The Labrador-Beagle mix has been caught on video frolicking in the backyard with a wild deer.

“The deer comes over every day. This has been going on for weeks,” Howard, who saw the videos on Mary Dell’Abate’s Facebook’s page, explained on Monday. “It’s the most beautiful thing you ever saw,” he added.

“It’s amazing,” Gary agreed.

While other dogs in the neighborhood seem to be scared of approaching the deer, Riley has jumped at the chance and the two have become fast friends.

“It is an interspecies relationship much like Gary and Mary,” Howard joked.

Watch a video of Riley and the deer together (above). See Riley licking Gary on National Puppy Day (below).