Adam Levine Plans to Do ‘The Voice’ for a ‘Long Time,’ No Matter How Many Pics of Poop Blake Shelton Sends Him

Maroon 5 frontman also confronts Ronnie Mund about his recently revealed personal fantasy

October 31, 2017
Maroon 5 members Sam Farrar, James Valentine, Adam Levine, and Jesse Carmichael Maroon 5 members Sam Farrar, James Valentine, Adam Levine, and Jesse Carmichael Photo: The Howard Stern Show

With one season of “The Voice” airing now, another season right around the corner, and a new baby with his wife Behati Prinsloo on the way, it seems impossible that Adam Levine would have enough free time to record any new music with his band Maroon 5. But that is indeed the case, with their latest studio album “Red Pill Blues” due out on Friday, Nov. 3.

As for his judging gig on “The Voice,” Adam told Howard on Tuesday he intends to stick with the NBC reality series for several more seasons. “I will be on that show for a long time, probably,” Adam said.

Staying on at “The Voice” means he’ll get to see a lot more up-and-coming singing talents and probably a lot more NSFW photos from his good friend and costar Blake Shelton. “He sends me pictures of his shit,” Adam told Howard. “Because he thinks it’s really funny and I think it’s disgusting.”

Shelton sending Levine his poop pictures might explain why in 2014 Adam dropped a load of manure on Blake’s pickup truck.

After 13 seasons and counting on “The Voice” together, Adam and Blake have become very close, but according to Adam he had no idea who Blake was the first time they met. He recalled an early sit-down at NBC before the show had premiered in which he and Blake hit it off instantly. So much so that Adam asked someone after the meeting who “that guy” was.

“I didn’t even know that he was going to be on the show with me in the meeting,” Levine admitted with a laugh.

Since they’re such good friends on and off camera, Howard wondered when Adam learned about the tight-lipped romance between Blake and fellow “Voice” judge Gwen Stefani, who herself joined the Stern Show in 2016.

“I found out in New York,” Adam said. “I think we had all suspected it for a long time.” It was during a group dinner that the superstar couple let it spill they were indeed together, though not with their words.

“They kissed or something or they did something crazy,” Adam told Howard. “Something that was a giveaway and I’m like, ‘I fucking knew it!’”

The affection between Blake and Gwen has been going strong ever since, too. “They’re so in love it’s like, disgusting,” Adam joked. “I am so affectionate and gross with my wife … this is a whole other level.”

Speaking of being the object of someone’s affection, Adam wanted to talk to Ronnie “the Limo Driver” Mund about his recently revealed fantasy of wanting to be a woman so he could experience what sex with a man is like. And one man Ronnie supposedly said he was interested in was Adam Levine.

“Did he or did he not throw me on a list of guys that he would let ‘enter’ him?” Adam questioned as Ronnie entered the studio. “We’ll go back to the tapes.”

Ronnie maintains it was Howard who threw out Adam’s name — he merely confirmed he would be okay with Adam being the lucky guy.

“I’m flattered,” Adam told Ronnie. “I don’t think I’d be able to do it … but I’m flattered.”

With Maroon 5’s sixth studio album out later this week, Adam thought back on the days before the band had become a household name, including an early gig they once had opening for the Rolling Stones.

“I think they like to go on tour with bands … who are burgeoning,” Adam explained. “It’s also not an easy gig.”

He’d heard horror stories of soon-to-be successes like Sheryl Crow and Prince going on stage ahead of the Stones only to be booed by the crowd or, worse, having actual stones thrown at them.

While their fans might not have always been kind, the Rolling Stones themselves were nothing but nice to Maroon 5. Adam recalled guitarist and bassist Ronnie Wood acting as their “backstage tour guide,” showing them around to all of the other guy’s dressing rooms.

“They were just all doing shit that you couldn’t believe,” Adam continued. He remembers Mick Jagger sipping tea in his dressing room and says Keith Richards had both a bar and a motorcycle set up in his room that was inexplicably covered with sawdust.

Just like the Stones, the boys of Maroon 5 continue to crank out hit songs and sell out concerts — a triumph for any musician who has been in the game for this long.

“We’re competing with 21-year-olds. I am pumped,” Adam told Howard. “We’re still in it, we still got songs on the radio, it’s shocking and amazing and I appreciate it every day.”

To pre-order Maroon 5’s new album “Red Pill Blues,” out Friday, Nov. 3, click here.