Memet Walker Kills Robin’s Vibe in the Recording Studio

“She gave me a look that just gave me chills,” the Stern Show staffer recalls of Howard’s co-host

April 4, 2018
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Robin Quivers returned to the recording studio Tuesday afternoon with a new batch of tunes to get on tape, but word in the back office was things didn’t go quite according to plan.

“I heard you actually yelled at Memet during the recording session. Is that true?” Howard asked his co-host on Wednesday.

Robin insisted that she didn’t yell, but acknowledged he had made a suggestion which didn’t sit well with her. “Memet was trying to tell me how to sing something … He just did it all wrong,” she told Howard. “What I said to Memet was, ‘That was very nice, but that’s not what I’m trying to do,’” she recalled.

“Memet thinks he’s Rick Rubin,” Howard said with a laugh. “You don’t produce Robin. Robin produces.”

Robin maintained she can indeed be produced, but only by the right person. “Derek and I have a very good working relationship,” she said of the Stern Show staffer who normally accompanies her in the studio. “Why Memet was in there yesterday, I don’t know.”

With that question unanswered, Howard called Memet into the studio to explain himself.

The Stern Show staffer said he was simply there as a result of his writing credit on the particular song Robin was recording, but vowed he had learned his lesson once and for all. “Normally I keep my mouth shut and I learned yesterday why I keep my mouth shut,” he said. “She gave me a look that just gave me chills.”