AUDIO: Michael Rapaport Sounds Off on JD Harmeyer After Losing to Him in the Fantasy Football Finals

“People are going to be investigating this league,” the actor fumes in one voicemail message

January 2, 2019

December proved to be an exciting month for JD Harmeyer as the Stern Show staffer turned 39 years old and also won his third Emotional Friends Fantasy Football League title.

JD snatched the trophy from Michael Rapaport’s hands in a close-fought game which culminated in the actor conceding defeat on Christmas Eve with a tweet.

Rapaport, who was looking for his first championship win, didn’t take the loss graciously and proceeded to leave JD a new series of voicemail messages in the ensuing days with accusations of collusion.

Additionally, he instructed JD to stop calling him despite the fact he never had. “Don’t call me again,” Michael said in one message. “I don’t want to block your number. I don’t like doing that, but I’ll fucking block your number.”

JD simply chalked it up to Michael being Michael. “He’s a maniac. He’s trying to turn it around on me to make me look like a bad guy or whatever,” he told Howard.

One person happy to see Rapaport beaten was Gary Dell’Abate, who has taken years of verbal abuse from him. “I love watching him lose,” he admitted.

“We were all rooting for JD,” 2017 league champ Richard Christy agreed.

Even the way JD celebrated his win — a simple post on Instagram with the box score — drew the ire of his foe. “You better take that fucking shit down off all social media,” Rapaport demanded in a birthday message to JD. “You don’t have to tease me and taunt me.”

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Adding insult to injury, Michael was later asked about the defeat during an interview on Fox Sports and called the loss “very painful.”