Ryan Phillippe’s New Twitter Name Is ‘Hit ‘Em With the Ryan’

The celebrity superfan does his part to promote the Stern Show's latest catchphrase

August 22, 2016
Photo: Twitter

It’s no secret that Hit ‘Em With the Hein is sweeping the nation. From a Major League Baseball home run call, to a Long Island sandwich, and even to a DC comics cover, the catchphrase conquers new ground almost every day.

However, Hit ‘Em With the Hein may have just received its greatest honor so far.

Celebrity superfan Ryan Phillippe recently changed his Twitter name to “hit’em with the RYAN.” The move is a boon for spreading Hit ‘Em With the Hein’s reach, as the catchphrase will freshly appear on Twitter with every one of Ryan’s tweets.

Photo: Twitter

Click here to follow Ryan Phillippe, a.k.a. hit’em with the RYAN, on Twitter.

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