Watch New ‘Doctor Strange’ Trailer Forward, Then Backward

The beginning is the end, or is the end the beginning?

October 6, 2016

Marvel Studios tweeted out a new trailer for the upcoming “Doctor Strange” movie and the internet is going dizzy trying to search for the hidden meanings within the video. For starters, the clip works if you watch it forward or backward.

Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays neurosurgeon-turned-superhero Dr. Stephen Strange, is seen in the trailer moving in all directions and delivering dialogue that can only be understood when you reverse the video, including the line, “This is just the beginning.” The new spot also starts with the film’s release date, which traditionally comes at the end of trailers. Additional on screen text reads differently depending on which way you play it – “His time is now” forwards, “Now is his time” backwards.

Rachel McAdams, Tilda Swinton, and Chiwetel Ejiofor also star in “Doctor Strange.”

Check out the new trailer, both forward and backward (above).

“Doctor Strange” is in theaters Nov. 4, 2016

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