Video: Yoga Guru Beats Olympic Wrestler in Odd Match

Watch India's Baba Ramdev go toe-to-toe with Ukrainian silver medalist Andriy Stadnik

January 19, 2017
Photo: Youtube

As it turns out, the People’s Elbow may be no match for Downward-Facing Dog.

India’s renowned yoga guru Baba Ramdev recently bested Olympic wrestler Andriy Stadnik in the ring, beating him 12-0 in a promotional bout celebrating a new season of India’s Pro Wrestling League.

Footage from the event was published Thursday to YouTube and the unusual video quickly gained traction. While many commenters are quick to note that Standik—who took home a silver medal for Ukraine at the Beijing games in 2008—doesn’t appear to be giving Ramdev his all, there’s no question that watching a bearded, bellied yogi thump an Olympian is a bizarre sight to see.

No word on whether or not Ramdev practices yoga in the nude…like certain Stern Show staffers.

Check out the video (below).

h/t: Washington Post

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