VIDEO: Netflix’s ‘Long Shot’ Shows How Larry David’s ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Helped an Innocent Man Avoid the Death Penalty

Upcoming documentary debuts Sept. 29

September 5, 2017

Larry David has long been a force to be reckoned with in television comedy, but now after an incredible coincidence he has also found himself in an upcoming crime documentary.

Netflix has dropped the trailer for “Long Shot,” a new film recounting the real-life arrest of Juan Catalan, an innocent man charged with murdering a 16-year-old girl in 2003. Possibly facing the death penalty, Catalan’s eventually tried proving his innocence by showing he attended a Los Angeles Dodgers game on the day he allegedly committed the crime.

His defense team initially had trouble producing hard evidence he was at the ballpark, according to the trailer, until Catalan remembered he had also seen cameras there that day filming a Season 4 episode of his hit HBO series “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

“The episode was that I picked up a hooker in the carpool lane and took her to Dodger Stadium,” Larry recounts in the trailer (above).

Catalan was eventually acquitted of the bogus charges after his legal team reviewed the “Curb Your Enthusiasm” footage and found his face in the crowd of 56,000. The wrongfully accused man even went on to receive a settlement from the city of Los Angeles for his troubles. Fittingly, his documentary will now debut just few days before the Stern Show guest’s beloved series returns for a long-awaited Season 9.

“Long Shot” debuts Sept. 29 on Netflix. “Curb Your Enthusiasm” returns to HBO for Season 9 on Oct. 1.

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