VIDEO: New ‘Gotham’ Season 4 Trailer Teases Early Bat-Suit, Scarecrow’s Return

Fox's DC Comics-inspired Batman drama returns on Thursday

September 19, 2017

Dark nights and perhaps even Dark Knights lie ahead for Gotham City.

Fox has dropped a new Season 4 trailer for “Gotham,” its DC Comics-inspired drama about the cops and crooks who paved the way for Batman. The four-plus-minute “Dark Band” trailer (above) includes both a recap of what’s happened in recent episodes and a look ahead at what fans should expect in coming weeks.

Gotham P.D.’s James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) has been keeping the streets safe for most of the show’s run, but now Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) is finally stepping into his own as a crime-fighter. While the orphaned billionaire hasn’t transformed completely into the Caped Crusader just yet, there is a glimpse of him standing on a rooftop in an early looking Bat-Suit prototype.

In addition to more development with a few of the show’s long-standing villains—like 2016 Stern Show guest Robin Lord Taylor as Penguin—the footage also features major looks at some of “Gotham’s” less-utilized foes, including Scarecrow (Charlie Theran) and Mr. Freeze (Nathan Darrow).

There’s also a heel-turn from Detective Gordon, who loses his senses after getting infected with something that turns his eyes black and his heart blacker. “You’re the real virus, Jim. You seep into people’s lives until you destroy them,” Dr. Leslie Thompkins (Morena Baccarin) tells him.

“Gotham” Season 4 premieres Thursday at 8 p.m. on Fox. Watch the “Dark Band” trailer (above) and get more 2017 fall TV premiere dates and trailers here.

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