VIDEO: Sarah Silverman Sings Her Country’s Praises in ‘I Love You, America’ Music Video

Comedian and recent Stern Show guest's new Hulu series premieres Thursday

October 10, 2017

Sarah Silverman sings her country’s praises in a music video promoting “I Love You America,” her upcoming Hulu series which hopes to see her connect with people across all walks of life through honesty, humor, and genuine conversation.

“I Love You, America: The Song” (above) beings with the comedian, actress, and recent Stern Show guest on a park bench, taking in her small-town surroundings. Then suddenly she begins to sing. “I Love you America, from sea to shining sea,” she says. “From the East Coast to the West Coast, and whatever’s in between.”

Soon enough, she’s wandering around town and professing her love for every American thing she sees. Her lyrics touch upon a variety of topics, including how the Grand Canyon is “America’s pussy,” according to Sarah.

Silverman told Howard all about “I Love You, America” when she joined the Stern Show earlier this month, saying the show wouldn’t necessarily be overtly political but instead might allow her to meet a variety of Americans from all walks of life.

She also told a joke about squirrels. Listen (below).

“I Love You, America” premieres Thursday on Hulu. Watch the music video (above) and get more of Sarah’s recent sit-down with Howard here.

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