VIDEO: Jay Leno, Bill Burr, and Bob Saget Describe Sam Kinison’s Genius in New Documentary

“I Am Sam Kinison,” also featuring Joe Rogan, Corey Feldman, Ron Jeremy, and others, premieres Dec. 19 on Spike

November 30, 2017

Comedy icon Sam Kinison is remembered by a slew of celebrity peers and admirers in a newly released trailer for the documentary “I Am Sam Kinison,” airing in mid-December on Spike.

Though he died tragically in 1992, Sam Kinison continues to be heralded as one of most fearless and audacious stand-up comedians to ever take the stage. The upcoming documentary, the latest in Spike’s “I Am” series, features interviews with everyone from actor-comedian Bob Saget to porn star Ron Jeremy, all of whom seemingly agree that Sam’s onstage genius was at least in part propelled by his raw and sometimes destructive passion for life.

“When you’re not afraid to make the crowd scared, uncomfortable, sad … you can take them to such a weird, uncomfortable place,” comedian and recent Stern Show guest Bill Burr says in the trailer (above).

His anger “was like a punch in the face,” former “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno explains a few seconds later. “Bang, bang, bang, bang.”

Sam made a number of appearances on the Stern Show, beginning with his first in 1986. In addition to being a frequent guest throughout his career, Sam was a topic of conversation this past June when his longtime friend and colleague Jim Carrey called in to chat with Howard.

Specifically, Jim remembered being blown away the first time he watched Sam perform stand-up, even though it was a 2 a.m. set. “I literally was dumbfounded,” he told Howard. “Just tears pouring down my face, out of control, laughing like a hysterical lunatic and he came off stage and I just said, ‘You’re it, man.'”

Hear more of Jim and Howard’s conversation (below).

“I Am Sam Kinison,” which also features interviews with Joe Rogan, Jimmy Shubert, and Ted Nugent, among other celebrities, as well as conversations with Sam’s family, debuts Dec. 19 on Spike.

Check out the official trailer (above).

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