Ryan Gosling Shoots for the Moon as Neil Armstrong in New ‘First Man’ Trailer

Damien Chazelle-directed astronaut biopic co-stars recent Stern Show guests Jon Bernthal and Cory Michael Smith

August 30, 2018

Ryan Gosling has sky-high ambitions as trailblazing astronaut Neil Armstrong in latest trailer for “First Man,” the Damien Chazelle-directed biographical drama about mankind’s daring first mission to the moon.

The new promo (above) begins with Ryan staring up at the moon through a telescope before rocking his kid to sleep with a moon-themed lullaby. His character is singularly focused to be sure, but making history won’t be easy. The trailer hints at much of what Neil and and Buzz Aldrin (played by “The Strain’s” Corey Stoll) must overcome to reach to the moon. In addition to the actual perils of their mission, the Apollo 11 pioneers must first endure the rigors of training, the obstruction of skeptical bureaucrats, and the admonishment of their lovers and families, including from Armstrong’s first wife Janet (played by “The Girl in the Spider’s Web” star Claire Foy.)

Other real-life astronauts portrayed in “First Man” include Deke Slayton (Kyle Chandler), Jim Lovell (Pablo Schreiber), John Glenn (John David Whalen), and Pete Conrad (Ethan Embry), as well as Roger Chaffee and David Scott portrayed by Stern Show guests Cory Michael Smith and Jon Bernthal, respectively.

“First Man” takes flight on Oct. 12. Watch the latest trailer (above).

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