VIDEO: Kevin Hart Cares for a Cranky, Quadriplegic Bryan Cranston in ‘The Upside’

Heartfelt comedy co-stars Julianna Margulies and Nicole Kidman

October 4, 2018

Repeat Stern Show guests Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston are a match made in, well, somewhere in “The Upside,” Neil Burger’s upcoming comedy about a most unlikely friendship between a convict and quadriplegic billionaire.

The trailer (above) begins with a conversation between Hart’s character Dell and his parole officer—he needs to find a job pronto or risks going back to prison. After getting passed over for a few entry-level positions, he stumbles across a care-taking opportunity for Phillip, a rich and cranky wheelchair-bound man.

Phillip has had his share of doting, pandering caretakers in the past—so Hart manages to win him over with his candor and sarcasm. After a few setbacks the two become fast friends and soon they’re racing down city streets in fancy sports cars, jumping out of airplanes together, and Hart is even helping Cranston hit on women at swanky events.

“You can have any girl you want,” Hart explains to Cranston at one point. “What about this lady with all the Botox? Y’all would be perfect for each other—you can’t move your body and she can’t move her face.”

A remake of a French comedy called “The Untouchables,” “The Upside” also stars Aja Naomi King, past Stern Show guest Julianna Margulies, and Nicole Kidman.

“The Upside” opens Jan. 11, 2019. Watch the trailer (above).

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