VIDEO: Sylvester Stallone Tracks a Bank Robber With Amnesia in ‘Backtrace’ Trailer

Action-packed heist film co-stars “Stranger Things” actor Matthew Modine

November 14, 2018

Action legend and past Stern Show guest Sylvester Stallone plays a grizzled police detective hunting down an amnesia-afflicted bank robber in the explosive trailer for “Backtrace,” hitting theaters and on demand in December.

Matthew Modine (“Stranger Things”) stars as MacDonald, a bank robber who suffered a traumatic brain injury during a heist gone wrong nearly a decade prior. After a fellow inmate (Ryan Guzman) and his psych ward doctor (Meadow Williams) learn he may have tucked away $20 million before getting captured, they coerce MacDonald into injecting himself with an experimental serum that will bring back all his lost memories.

MacDonald eventually escapes from prison hoping to recover the stashed cash, but first he’ll have to get past Detective Sykes (Stallone) and F.B.I. agent Franks (“Happy Gilmore’s” Christopher McDonald), not to mention the drug’s dangerous side effects.

As mentioned recently on the Stern Show, Stallone is currently in production on an all-new “Rambo” movie. Later this month, he’ll also reprise his role as another of his iconic characters, boxer Rocky Balboa, when he stars opposite Michael B. Jordan in “Creed II.”

“Backtrace” opens Dec. 14 in theaters and on demand. Watch the official trailer (above).

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