VIDEO: Seth Rogen Suffers From More Than Just Writer’s Block in ‘Twilight Zone’ Season Finale Trailer

Jordan Peele’s sci-fi revival wraps up its first season Thursday on CBS All Access

May 28, 2019

The world is once again turned topsy-turvy in the new trailer for the season finale of “The Twilight Zone,” Jordan Peele’s modern retelling of the iconic television anthology. Zazie Beetz and Stern Show regular Seth Rogen star in the last episode of the sci-fi reboot’s first season, playing a pair of writers who both seem to go mad from their labors as they try to script a story that doesn’t even make sense to them, the ones who wrote it, all while being haunted by a figure that only a few can actually see.

Titled “Blurryman” and directed by Simon Kinberg (“Dark Phoenix”), the episode’s teaser video (above) also includes a few nods to the classic “Twilight Zone” episode “Time Enough at Last,” in which Burgess Meredith plays a far-sighted bookworm who survives a nuclear apocalypse only to have his glasses destroyed just as he’s about to dive into all the literature he never had time to read.

As busy as Seth has been acting in his many TV and movie roles, he’s still a real-life writer himself – he and his longtime partner Evan Goldberg have a new series called “The Boys” premiering on July 26. He’s also previously talked to Howard on air about what goes into writing a great script, and what needed to come out of his 2016 flick “Sausage Party” in order to avoid the movie getting an NC-17 rating from the MPAA.

“The Twilight Zone’s” Season 1 finale airs May 30 on CBS All Access.

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