VIDEO: Adam Driver Investigates C.I.A.-Sanctioned Torture in ‘The Report’

Annette Bening, Corey Stoll, and Jon Hamm co-star in the political thriller set in the aftermath of 9/11

August 22, 2019

Adam Driver plays an idealistic Senate staffer who uncovers evidence of U.S.-sanctioned torture in the first teaser for the upcoming political thriller “The Report.”

The actor and past Stern Show guest stars as Daniel J. Jones, the U.S. Senate Select Committee investigator who famously authored a 67,000-page report on the C.I.A.’s brutal detention and interrogation program enacted after the events of 9/11.

When the clip begins, Jones is still just a wide-eyed and patriotic young staffer. “After 9/11, everyone was scared. Scared it might happen again. It was my second day of grad school. The next day I changed all my classes to national security,” Adam’s character explains (above).

Everything changes after his boss, Senator Dianne Feinstein (Annette Bening), tasks him to lead an investigation into the C.I.A.’s interrogation practices. It seems the U.S. government has been destroying evidence of torture, subverting the law, and hiding possible crimes from the American public—and only Adam is in a position to bring the dark truth to light.

“The Report” co-stars Jon Hamm, Corey Stoll, Sarah Goldberg, and Michael C. Hall. The film is written and directed by Scott Z. Burns, who also directed an episode of “The Loudest Voice,” Russell Crowe’s recent series about disgraced Fox News mastermind Roger Ailes.

While “The Report” may well be an award’s season contender, it’s only one of Adam’s high-profile projects in 2019. He also appears alongside Bill Murray in the zombie flick “The Dead Don’t Die,” opposite Scarlett Johansson in the relationship drama “Marriage Story,” and amid an array of aliens, androids, and lightsabers in December’s much anticipated “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.” Adam spoke about joining the “Star Wars” franchise during a 2015 visit to the Stern Show, telling Howard he landed the role of Kylo Ren without an audition and then literally had to carry around the script for “The Force Awakens” under lock and key. Listen to a clip from their conversation (below).

“The Report” opens Nov. 15 in theaters and arrives Nov. 29 on Amazon Prime Video.

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