AUDIO: Chris Wilding Requests Help While Stuck in Nancy Pelosi’s Desk in New Phony Phone Call

“How are you going to the bathroom and sh-t?” Locksmith wonders in response

January 26, 2022

Before his recent passing, Wack Packer Marfan Mike agreed to prank call a locksmith as someone still stuck in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s desk from the January 6th insurrection. Since he was unable to make that call, Howard on Wednesday played audio of Stern Show staffer Chris Wilding filling in as a tribute.

“There’s something wrong with your phone, pal. I can’t understand you,” the locksmith said in response to Chris’ muffled voice before eventually catching bits and pieces. “You’ve been in the desk for a year? … How are you going to the bathroom and shit?”

While the man was patient despite the call getting more and more outlandish, he eventually met his limit. “If they’re tracking Nancy Pelosi’s phone and then they see you’re calling me, the freaking F.B.I.’s going to be kicking down my door—I’m going to go out of business and everything,” he said before losing his temper. “I hope they lock your ass in jail forever, you stupid piece of shit. Goodbye.”

Listen to the full call (below).

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