Were Rooster’s Recent Traffic Tickets Deserved?

“it’s unheard of most of the time … but this guy talks too much, that’s his problem,” Ronnie the Driver says of caller and former law enforcement officer getting ticketed

May 16, 2022

Recent caller and fast-food enthusiast Rooster knows his way around McDonald’s, but does he know the rules of the road? On Monday, the former corrections officer recalled the recent run-in he had with a police officer he had that resulted in multiple traffic tickets despite his time in law enforcement. “Being a fellow officer, I thought we had [a] mutual understanding,” he complained to Howard before providing some details on the incident. “I drove into a speed trap and when I called the cop on it … he gave me a ticket for doing 45 in a 40, a no seatbelt ticket, and then he gave me a ticket because … the address on my driver’s license didn’t match the address on my registration.”

“I think it’s all this talking,” co-host Robin Quivers opined after hearing of Rooster’s interaction with the responding officer.

Ronnie “the Limo Driver” Mund, who spent the better part of his career behind his steering wheel, said it was rare for a law enforcement veteran to get ticketed. “It’s unheard of most of the time … but this guy talks too much, that’s his problem,” he observed before noting his own experiences getting pulled over. “I made up this like whole plaque of every PBA card that I had, and it would just sit on the dashboard … “They would walk over, and they would just look and they would laugh and they would go, ‘Slow down, have a nice day.’”

“You’re just talking and yapping, you can’t be a comedian with cops,” Howard agreed after careful consideration before recommending Rooster start carrying his badge rather than hiding it at home. “You be respectful … Take that badge out of your desk and put it in your wallet.”

Frequent caller Bobo, a former driving instructor, provided expert feedback of his own. “I taught for years in my classes … hands on the steering wheel, all windows are down so they can look in your vehicle,” he said of how to act during a stop. “And less talk, Rooster. You’re a good guy but it comes off aggressive … you can ease into ‘I’m on the job’ or your PBA card.”

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