Howard Previews Next Week’s Drew Barrymore Dating Game

Plus, staffers Jonathan Blitt and Benjy Bronk make their case for being a contestant

October 19, 2022

Howard and co-host Robin Quivers spent a few minutes Wednesday morning previewing an upcoming Stern Show segment that’s sure to have the whole world talking: The Drew Barrymore Dating Game.

“Holy mackerel did we get into something crazy,” Howard said of next week’s game in which actress, talk show host, and Stern Show veteran Drew Barrymore hopes to find love by selecting from multiple suitors. Robin was curious how the contestants had been picked, but Howard assured her each gentleman had been heavily vetted by everyone from executive producer Gary Dell’Abate to Howard’s wife, Beth. “She personally picked two of the guys who are participating who she feels will be very, very strong candidates to be Mr. Drew Barrymore,” he explained.

Beth came on the show later and confirmed the men were quality catches. “I can’t believe they’re still single. It’s mind-boggling,” she said, later adding, “You should see them, Robin. They’re delicious.”

Even so, narrowing down the field to just four men (for now) wasn’t easy. “There are a lot of guys out there who want to date Drew Barrymore,” Howard said, explaining the men who volunteered but didn’t make the final four included a TV host, an actor on an Emmy-nominated show, and a variety of successful lawyers, doctors, musicians, firefighters, and policemen. Howard also shot down Wack Packer High Pitch Erik, who called in to make a case for himself but failed to convince anyone he was the right man for the job.

Two recently single Stern Show staffers threw their hats into the ring, too: Jonathan Blitt and Benjy Bronk. But Howard wasn’t convinced. “I said no to you because I wanted the date to be bigger than the show,” he told Benjy.

Benjy insisted he had a “strong connection” with Drew Barrymore, but Robin wasn’t so sure. “Remember he had that therapist, and he had a strong connection to her, and she fired him from therapy?” she asked.

In Blitt’s case, he argued his skills as a screenwriter gave him an edge on the competition. “I have something for Drew that none of the guys can offer … a screenplay that can guarantee her an Academy Award win,” Jonathan said. “It’s a sequel to ‘E.T.’ … And it’s fantastic.”

Beth and Gary both concurred. “I think he should be a contender,” she told Howard. “Let’s add him, please.”

“If [Blitt] presented Drew with that script, I think that would make her laugh,” Gary added.

Bronk and Blitt’s colleagues weighed in on their involvement, but in the end Howard didn’t make any promises beyond the fact that everyone was in for something special. “We will find Drew love on Monday,” Howard assured Robin. “I really think there might be romance in the air.”

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