VIDEO: Howard Makes Gary Dell’Abate Organize His Messy Desk

“Why would you have a toy microphone? We know we’re in radio,” he tells executive producer during massive decluttering session

February 8, 2023

Does it bring joy?

That was the question Tuesday morning when Howard noticed the rather busy workspace of Gary Dell’Abate. “How do you get any work done?” he asked while scanning the office of the longtime Stern Show executive producer. “You’ve got so many fucking mementos.”

Before long, Howard channeled organizing expert Marie Kondo and proceeded to encourage Gary to throw some things out. “Why would you have a toy microphone? We know we’re in radio,” he pointed out before noticing an excessive amount of family photos in the vicinity. “Keep one and get rid of the rest. You don’t know what your family looks like?”

A jar of peanut butter, a New York Jets football helmet, and a Reese’s coffee mug all got tossed, but Howard stopped short when he saw a copy of his book, “Howard Stern Comes Again.” “That you can leave, that’s good promotion,” he joked.

In other Gary news, the executive producer was recently diagnosed with Dupuytren Syndrome, a condition that causes fingers to bend towards the palm of the hand. “It’s stuck like that … I couldn’t bend it if I tried,” he told Howard of his pinky. “And, it’s only going to get worse unless I get it fixed.”

While the condition is painless, the two-day process to correct it is not. “They fucking twist your thing to get the vines off your tendon and so I’ve been kind of waiting until I have to,” Gary said before adding, “but now I’m at the point where I think I’m going to do it this summer.”

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