VIDEO: See King of All Blacks’ 74-Pound Weight Loss After Going on Ozempic

“I’m thin, I’m svelte, I made a comeback,” longtime Stern Show caller says of transformation

June 20, 2023

“Are they on Ozempic?”

Lately, that’s often been the question on people’s minds when it comes to celebrities who have lost a substantial amount of weight. And while many have denied using the antidiabetic medication that also promotes weight loss, King of All Blacks proudly credited it for the 74 pounds he recently shed.

“Ozempic in the house,” the longtime Stern Show caller said in a video showing off his new body. “I’m thin, I’m svelte, I made a comeback.”

“Quite amazing,” Howard marveled of King’s transformation on Tuesday. “I’ve got to say, fucking guy is really thin.”

“I don’t think we’ve ever seen him that size,” co-host Robin Quivers added.

See the King’s new body (above).

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