VIDEO: Stern Show Staffer Mike Trainor Raises Eyebrows Over Steve Nowicki Wedding Present

‘’Why did Mike give me $50? Does he hate me?’” staffer recalls wondering of colleague’s gift

September 6, 2023

Several Stern Show staffers gathered over the summer to witness the nuptials of Steve Nowicki and his new bride. While most were noted for their generous gifts, one colleague was called out for giving just $50 — Mike Trainor.

“When I heard this, I almost fell off my chair,” Sam Fontana told Howard Tuesday of what she thought was a low gift amount. “He should’ve wiped his ass with a card, written ‘Fuck you’ and put it in the box … “I just feel like that is such a resentful gift.”

“I just thought it was odd,” Steve admitted before explaining that it was on his mind even as he was headed to his honeymoon. “I’m sitting in the airport going, ‘Why did Mike give me $50? Does he hate me?’”

For his part, Mike agreed his gift could have been bigger. “I love Steve and I gave him a very small amount — I admit that,” the staffer acknowledged before revealing he eventually gave more. “I did give him another $50.”

“It’s coming in increments,” Howard observed with a laugh.

Watch the full video (above).

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