Tan Mom Confirms Run for U.S. Senate in Florida

“I just want the world to be a healthy, happier place to live in.” Wack Packer and aspiring politician tells Howard

September 12, 2023
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

When news broke over the summer that Tan Mom was entering the United States Senate race in Florida, many were unsure of what to make of it. On Monday, the Wack Packer called the Stern Show to insist her campaign is the real deal. “I really want to be serious about this,” she told Howard of the venture.

Despite struggling to give details of her platform to staffer Memet Walker when they spoke recently, Tan Mom was able to shed more light with Howard. “I really just care,” she revealed. “I just want the world to be a healthy, happier place to live in and I really believe in that … the whole healthcare system is really, really important to me.”

Calling herself a “liberal conservative republican,” Tan Mom also noted that she’s managed her expectations when it comes to the outcome. “I don’t plan on winning, to be quite frank with you,” she admitted.

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