VIDEO: Lenny Dykstra Reveals How Robin Quivers Helped Him Come Back From a Stroke-Induced Coma

Baseball legend says just hearing Mrs. Ophelia’s name immediately increased his “blood flow”

February 20, 2024

Decades after giving up nursing to become a world renowned broadcaster, Robin Quivers is still finding ways to nurse people back to health.

The world was shocked and saddened earlier this month to learn baseball player turned Wack Packer Lenny Dykstra had been hospitalized after suffering an apparent stroke. Giving an update to listeners on Tuesday morning, Howard revealed that the Stern Show’s own co-host Robin Quivers may have been the one to help bring Lenny — a.k.a. Nails — back from the brink.

“It’s an amazing story about you and your effect on people,” Howard told Robin before staffer Memet Walker came on the air to share what he’d gleaned after chatting with Lenny and his assistant.

“[It] was bad,” Memet said, explaining that it was Lenny’s property manager who first noticed his condition and suggested they bring him to a hospital. Before long, the former New York Met’s health had worsened so badly he’d fallen into a coma. “The talk was, like, it was over. We were saying our goodbyes,” Memet continued.

That’s when the staff came up with a creative and perhaps life-saving idea — maybe Robin, whom Lenny has always been fond of, could help? “We [told Lenny’s assistant] … ‘Just whisper in his ear that Robin is pulling for him,’” Memet recounted. “And I swear to God, like a half-hour later we got a call that Lenny was alert. He’s walking … He’s up on his feet. It was crazy.”

“Robin, you’re a hero!” Howard marveled.

“Wow!” was all she could respond.

That’s when Lenny hopped on the line for his first interview since being hospitalized. “Every day above ground is a good day,” he told listeners, explaining he was still in the hospital but up and walking again, and hoped to soon be returning home.

Howard was happy Lenny was on the mend. “You were in a coma technically — when you heard Robin’s name what happened?” he asked.

“Blood flow. Everything changed,” Lenny said. “It was like a fucking movie, you know?”

Memet wondered how the health scare might affect the legendary partier and cocksman. “Is any part of this a wakeup call?” he asked. “Are you going to change anything about your lifestyle?”

“Fuck no! Are you fucking kidding me, man? I’m going the other way. I’m going harder … We thought we were going hard before? Now we’re gonna turn and burn like no one you’ve ever seen, man” Lenny responded, also adding, “The bottom line is I’ve got a long way to go. I still have a lot of shit I have to accomplish.”

In the end, Robin and Howard were just grateful to know he was okay. “Take care, Lenny,” Robin told him.

“Please take care of yourself,” Howard added as the call came to an end. “Lenny Dykstra, national treasure.”

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