Tan Mom Is Reportedly Upset With Jimmy Kimmel Over His ‘Free 2 Be Me’ Comments

“What does Kimmel have, like a vengeance against me or something?” the Wack Packer asks

November 6, 2018

Patricia “Tan Mom” Krentcil sounded off on Jimmy Kimmel after a perceived slight from the late-night host concerning her new track “Free 2 Be Me.”

When Jimmy was in studio with Ike Barinholtz recently, the two celebrated Tan Mom’s new track but both mentioned liking the other star of the tune as well.

“I love Tan Mom, but I like Adam Barta,” Ike said (above) of her music producer and writing partner.

“The part of that song I love is him,” Jimmy agreed.

On Tuesday, Howard surmised the comments had rubbed Tan Mom the wrong way. “So now Tan Mom is kind of furious at Jimmy Kimmel for praising Adam Barta,” he explained.

“There is no song without me,” she insisted in a call to Stern Show staffer Shuli Egar. “And Adam is getting credit with Jimmy Kimmel today?”

Furthermore, this isn’t the first time Tan Mom has felt slighted by Jimmy. “What does Kimmel have, like a vengeance against me or something?” she asked. “Because he didn’t invite me to the party and now he’s talking about Adam when it’s my song.”

Adam Barta, for his part, took to Twitter to assure fans Tan Mom “will always be the Lady Gaga to my Bradley Cooper” in a reference to the critically acclaimed film “A Star Is Born.”