VIDEO: James Franco, Seth Rogen’s ‘The Disaster Artist’ Celebrates So-Called Worst Movie of All Time

Stern Show guests' new film goes behind-the-scenes on the making of "The Room"

July 18, 2017

James Franco is so bad he’s good in the first trailer for “The Disaster Artist,” his upcoming behind-the-scenes look at “The Room,” a 2003 film often referred to as the worst movie ever made.

He stars as Tommy Wiseau, the real-life filmmaker behind the cult classic, and the short teaser (above) released Tuesday focuses on Franco-as-Wiseau’s ill-fated efforts to remember a few clunky lines of dialogue. Much to the dismay of Seth Rogen, Dave Franco, and the rest of the actors playing “The Room’s” crew, however, it just isn’t going well.

When Rogen visited the Stern Show in June, he told Howard all about Franco’s method acting-inspired approach to “The Disaster Artist.” “Franco directed … the whole movie in character, as Tommy Wiseau, wearing prosthetic makeup,” he said, adding that Franco even spoke with Wiseau’s Eastern European affected-accent after cameras stopped rolling.

“The first two days of filming, I could not even talk to him,” Seth continued. “Every time he’d talk to me, I would like, break into hysterics.” Listen (below).

“The Disaster Artist” boasts an impressive cast of big-name stars, including Allison Brie, Zoey Deutch, Zac Efron, Sharon Stone, Josh Hutcherson, and Stern Show favorite Bryan Cranston. James Franco, like the auteur he plays, also directed the film, which premiered in March at South by Southwest Film Festival and hits theaters across the U.S. this December.

Watch the trailer (above).

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