VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel, Channing Tatum, and Pink Tell Their Kids They Ate Their Halloween Candy

Late-night host and Stern Show regular’s daughter Jane is more concerned about her waffles

November 2, 2017

Jimmy Kimmel may be sitting out this week while a rotating cast of A-list celebrities guest host “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” but he’s still subjecting the world to his infamous (and hilarious) pranks.

On Wednesday’s show, guest host Channing Tatum played a home video Jimmy sent in (above), showing him breaking some bad news to his daughter Jane: he and his wife had devoured all of her Halloween candy while she slept.

Jane, a Name Game enthusiast who has been mentioned on the Stern Show several times, was a bit more concerned about the waffles being cooked in the kitchen than her dad’s confession. But after she’s told her mom has eaten all of her Swedish fish, Jane is visibly dismayed and lets loose a heartbreaking “aww.”

The Halloween candy prank is one Jimmy has been encouraging for years, though this is the first time he’s pulled it on Jane. He wasn’t this year’s only prankster, either, with Tatum and Pink—one of the evening’s guests—both following suit.

See the “Magic Mike” star and 2015 Stern Show guest pranking his daughter Everly and watch Pink’s husband Carey Hart pull the same gag on their daughter in the videos (below).

Of course, Stern Show fans will remember Howard joining Jimmy’s late-night show back in mid-October while “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” was broadcasting from Brooklyn. Though the King of All Media did bring a bag with him for the interview, it wasn’t one filled with Halloween candy. No, Howard’s bag was filled with a gift of a different kind for his good friend Jimmy.

“This is all of my dirty laundry,” Howard revealed before dumping the contents all over his desk. Watch Howard’s full Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance here.

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