Beck’s ‘Up All Night’ Music Video Features a Warrior Woman Slaying a House Party

Grammy-winning artist's new album “Colors” is out Oct. 13

September 7, 2017

Heroes are good for more than just warding off inter-dimensional armies and saving New York City from the clutches of Sigourney Weaver in the new music video for Beck’s “Up All Night,” a single from his forthcoming album “Colors.”

A director named Canada created the video (above), which follows French actress Solene Rigot as she braves a house party full of hooligans with a shield and a magnetic suit of armor. After blocking beer bottles thrown at her head and busting through living room orgies and bikini-clad beer-bongers, the heroine ingests a flaming cocktail and things get really trippy.

She eventually saves her sleeping beauty from a fate not quite worse than death—Sharpie art on his face—and rides off into the sunrise in a silver Corvette.

“Colors” is the 13th studio album from Beck, who has won five Grammys over his decades-long career and once memorably performed “Where It’s At” at one of Howard’s birthday bashes. All of the instrumentation for the album—which also includes the singles “Dreams,” “Wow,” and “Dear Life”—was recorded by Beck and Greg Kurstin, a prolific producer who also helped out on upcoming efforts from Stern Show guests Liam Gallagher and Foo Fighters.

“Colors” is available Oct. 13. Check out the music video for “Up All Night” (above) and get more info on what’s happening this fall in music here.

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