VIDEO: Matthew McConaughey Plays Bongos, Waxes Poetical, Shops for Acid, and Hangs With Snoop Dogg in ‘The Beach Bum’ Trailer

Comedy co-stars Isla Fisher, Zac Efron, Jimmy Buffett, and past Stern Show guests Jonah Hill, and Martin Lawrence

September 7, 2018

Matthew McConaughey stars as a shirtless, sun and substance-loving poet in the first trailer for “The Beach Bum,” an upcoming comedy from director Harmony Korine (“Spring Breakers”).

The Oscar-winning Stern Show guest plays Moondog, a rebellious beach philosopher whose idea of living life to the fullest involves alcohol, women, smokes, lotto tickets, acid, bongo drums, a never-buttoned Hawaiian shirt, and hanging out with fellow Stern Show veteran Snoop Dogg.

“I’m a poet,” he proclaims, just before the teaser shows us a montage of his many debaucheries. “Life’s a fucking rodeo,” Moondog later adds (above). “I’m going to suck the nectar out of it, fuck it raw-dog until the wheels come off.”

McConaughey, whose breakout role was as a stoner in the 1970s-set high school comedy “Dazed and Confused,” is no stranger to embracing zany roles and he’s no stranger to spending time at the beach without a shirt, either. In fact, the actor spoke to Howard all about his roller coaster of a career during his 2017 Stern Show visit, including his stint as Hollywood’s go-to rom-com guy and how the press had once branded him as “shirtless McConaughey on the beach.”

Listen to a clip from Matthew’s sit down with Howard (below)

In addition to Snoop and McConaughey, “The Beach Bum” stars Zac Efron, Isla Fisher, past Stern Show guests Jonah Hill and Martin Lawrence, and the “Margaritaville” man himself, Jimmy Buffett.

“The Beach Bum” opens March 22, 2019. Watch the red band teaser (above).

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