RESULTS: Gary vs. Sal in the Battle of the F-ck-Ups

Fans vote to decide who had the ultimate Stern Show f-ck-up

April 27, 2021

Gary Dell’Abate or Sal Governale? The executive producer and the Stern Show staffer are each responsible for some of the most memorable on-air faux pas but who between them is responsible for the biggest? After a week of head-to-head voting, the fans picked Gary’s unforgettable first pitch failure as the biggest fuck-up in Stern Show history!

See the results of each round (above) and check out all of the bracket seeds for Gary and Sal (below).

#1 Gary Falls Asleep at Work



#4 Gary’s whooping cough guest

#5 GARY’S first pitch

#6 GARY flub’S beth’S request

#7 GARY bothers bradley cooper

#8 Gary Says “MacHine”

#1 sal’S apology

#2 SAL’S sleepover with howard

#3 SAL gets tricked

#4 SAL uses howard’S megaphone

#5 SAL’S late gift

#6 SAL’S job interview

#7 SAL bothers ace frehley

#8 SAL’S mispronunciations

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