VIDEO: Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Ellen DeGeneres, and Dave Chappelle Spoof Netflix’s Scripted Series in New Commercial

Comedians and Stern Show veterans parody everything from “Stranger Things” to “House of Cards”

September 18, 2017

Netflix is deriding its dramas for the sake of its comedy in a new commercial.

During Sunday’s Emmys telecast the digital streaming giant debuted “Netflix Is a Joke,” a tongue-in-cheek spot featuring its stable of high-profile comedians crashing the universes of several of its original scripted dramas.

In one scene, Jerry Seinfeld—whose eagerly anticipated comedy special “Jerry Before Seinfeld” debuts on Tuesday—confronts “House of Cards” anti-hero Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) in the White House, ribbing the character for his straight-to-camera soliloquies.

“I find it unsettling. I’m home. I’m comfortable. I don’t want to be confronted,” Jerry tells him in the video (above). “And you could lighten up a little, also.”

In another, Stern Show guest Dave Chappelle surprises the kids from “Stranger Things” as they’re trying to break into their school’s computer lab. He tosses them keys to the door and instructs them to erase his internet cookies.

Meanwhile, Ellen DeGeneres—who spoke with Howard about her comedy roots in 2015—takes the cast of “The Crown” to task for their bad breath, while Chris Rock finds himself in a women’s prison with the ladies of “Orange Is the New Black.” Rock also crosses over onto the set of “Stranger Things,” where he and Chappelle scream in horror after witnessing Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) crush a Coke can with her mind. When Chris visited the Stern Show in 2014 he spoke to Howard about his relationship with Dave. Get more from the interview here.

All four of the A-list comedians and Stern Show veterans have made headlines in recent months by signing on for high-dollar Netflix stand-up specials. Chappelle already dropped two earlier this year, Seinfeld’s will stream on Friday, DeGeneres is working on her first in 15 years, and Rock—who reportedly collected a $40 million payday—has two of his own on the way.

Watch the commercial (above) and check out the complete list of 2017 Emmy winners here.

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