What’s Coming to Netflix, HBO Now, Amazon Prime, and Hulu in November 2017

From “The Punisher” to “The Lego Batman Movie,” here’s what’s streaming

October 27, 2017
Jon Bernthal on Jon Bernthal on Photo: Netflix

There’s good news for everyone planning to eat themselves into a coma this Thanksgiving. Netflix, HBO Now, Amazon Prime, and Hulu released their digital streaming lineups for November and there’s enough new TV shows, returning favorites, and critically acclaimed blockbusters to keep even the laziest of couch potatoes glued to their tubes while their digestive tracts attempts to work wonders on Aunt Edna’s infamous green bean casserole.

Netflix’s most explosive November offering may well be “The Punisher,” a “Daredevil” spinoff starring Jon Bernthal as Marvel’s most infamous vigilante. Other originals debuting include the Spike Lee’s series “She’s Gotta Have It,” a new season of “Frontier” starring “Game of Thrones” and “Justice League” star Jason Momoa, and the Jim Carrey-Andy Kaufman documentary “Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond.”

HBO Now drops a handful of recent blockbusters, including Jordan Peele’s “Get Out,” Stern Show veteran Will Arnett’s “Lego Batman Movie,” Matt Damon’s “The Great Wall,” past guest Gerard Butler’s “Mechanic: Resurrection,” and “Kong: Skull Island,” starring Stern Show guests Samuel L. Jackson and John Goodman. The premium streamer also unveils a Channing Tatum-produced documentary “War Dog: A Soldier’s Best Friend” and a Jon Stewart-hosted benefit show “Night of Too Many Stars: America Unites for Autism Program.”

In addition to a handful of Thursday night NFL games and more James Bond films than you can possibly imagine, Amazon Prime adds several critically acclaimed films to its lineup in November, including Denzel Washington and Viola Davis’ Oscar-winning adaptation of “Fences,” recent “Saturday Night Live” host Kumail Nanjiani’s hit dramedy “The Big Sick,” Rob Lowe’s ‘80s staple “St. Elmo’s Fire,” and the Val Kilmer-Robert Downey Jr. action-comedy “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.”

Hulu, meanwhile, has a hotly anticipated comic book-inspired offering of its own in “Marvel’s Runaways,” premiering Nov. 21. The streamer has also teamed up with Evan Goldberg and Stern Show regular Seth Rogen on the sci-fi comedy series “Future Man,” starring Josh Hutcherson. Additionally, Hulu adds a smattering of classic films to its lineup, including “Airplane!,” “Terminator 2: Judgement Day,” “Grumpy Old Men,” “Dances With Wolves,” and the 1998 Ben Stiller drama “Permanent Midnight.” You can also check out recent first-time Stern Show guest Miley Cyrus in one of her very first films: “Hannah Montana the Movie.”

But those are just a few delicious treats for you to feast on this month. Here’s the complete list of what’s coming to Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and Amazon Prime in November:


Nov. 1




“Charlotte’s Web” (2006)

“Field of Dreams”

“Men in Black”

“Michael Clayton”


“Scary Movie”

“Silent Hill”

“Stranger” (Season 1)

“The Bittersweet”

“The Pursuit of Happyness”

“The Reader”

“The Whole Nine Yards”

“To Rome with Love”

“Under Arrest” (Season 7)

“Undercover Grandpa”

“Where the Day Takes You “

Nov. 2

“All About the Money”

“It’s Not Yet Dark”

“Ten Percent (aka Call My Agent!)” (Season 2)

Nov. 3

“Alias Grace”

Eventual Salvation

The Big Family Cooking Showdown: Season 1 — NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Nov. 4


Nov. 5

“The Homesman”

“The Veil”

Nov. 6

“The Dinner”

Nov. 7

“Dizzy & Bop’s Big Adventure: The Great Music Caper”

“Fate/Apocrypha” (Part 1)

“Killing Ground”

“P. King Duckling” (Season 1)

“Project Mc²: Part 6”

“The Journey Is the Destination”

Nov. 10

“Blazing Transfer Students” (Season 1)

Dinotrux Supercharged” (Season 1)

“Glitter Force Doki Doki” (Season 2)

“Lady Dynamite” (Season 2)

“Mea Culpa”

“The Killer”

Nov. 12

“Long Time Running”

Nov. 13

“Chasing Trane: The John Coltrane Documentary”

“Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed”

Nov. 14

“DeRay Davis: How to Act Black”


Nov. 15

“Lockup: State Prisons: Collection 1”

Nov. 16


Nov. 17


“A Christmas Prince”

“Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond – Featuring a Very Special, Contractually Obligated Mention of Tony Clifton”

“Longmire” (Final Season)

“Luna Petunia” (Season 3)

“Marvel’s The Punisher”


“Red, White, Black, Blue Odyssey”

“Santa Claws”

“Shot in the Dark” (Season 1)

“Spirit: Riding Free” (Season 3)

“Stretch Armstrong & the Flex Fighters” (Season 1)

Nov. 20


Nov. 21

“Beat Bugs: All Together Now”

“Brian Regan: Nunchucks and Flamethrowers”

“Saving Capitalism”

“The Case for Christ”

Nov. 22

“Cherry Pop”


“The Boss Baby”


Nov. 23



“She’s Gotta Have It” (Season 1)

Nov. 24


“Cuba and the Cameraman”

Frontier” (Season 2)

“The Many Faces of Ito” (Season 1)

“Trailer Park Boys: Out of the Park: USA” (Season 1)

Nov. 27

“Broadchurch: Season 3”

“Darkness Rising”

“My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic” (Season 7, Part 2)

Nov. 28

“Glitch” (Season 2)

“Good Morning Call” (Season 2)

“The Queen Of Spain”

Nov. 29

“Guerra De Idolos” (Season 1)

Nov. 30

“The Details”



Nov. 1

Leslie Nielsen in Leslie Nielsen in Photo: Paramount Pictures

“A Knight’s Tale”

“A View To Kill”

“Airplane II: The Sequel”


“Altar Egos”

“Bad Boys”

“Beauty Factory”

“Bram Stoker’s Dracula”

“Chasing the Star”

“Crocodile Dundee”

“Crocodile Dundee II”

“Dances With Wolves”

“Diamonds Are Forever”

“Die Another Day”

“Dirty Work”

“Dr. No”

“For Your Eyes Only”

“From Russia With Love”



Photo: Warner Bros.

“Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”

“Legally Blondes”

“License to Kill”

“Live and Let Die”


“Never Say Never Again”

“Nowhere to Run”

“No Way to Live”


“On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”


“Speed Racer”

“St. Elmo’s Fire”

“The Beautiful Ones”

“The Cell”

“The Departed”

“The Little Tin Man”

“The Living Daylights”

“The Man With the Golden Gun “

“The Peacemaker”

“The Pursuit of Happyness”

“The Spy Who Loved Me”

“The World Is Not Enough”


“Tomorrow Never Dies”


“Up in the Air”

“You Only Live Twice”

Nov. 3

“Falling Water” (Season 1)

“The Only Living Boy In New York”

Nov. 4

“Tyler Perry’s Boo! A Madea Halloween”

Nov. 5

“Life on the Line”

“The Lovers”

Nov. 6

“Among Us”

“Pearly Gates”

Nov. 7

“Home Fires” (Season 2)

“Fifty Shades of Black”

Nov. 9

“Thursday Night Football: Seahawks vs. Cardinals”

“Armed Response”

Nov. 10


Nov. 13

“Baby Steps”

“Broken Mile”


“The Patent Scam”

Nov. 16

“Thursday Night Football: Titans vs. Steelers”

“Shot Caller”

Nov. 17


Nov. 19

“Man Down”

Nov. 20

“Before The Sun Explodes”

“Blood Ransom”

Nov. 21

“Dark Angel” (Season 1)

Nov. 23

“Home Remedy” (Season 1)

“The Stinky And Dirty Show” (Season 2)

Nov. 24

Viola Davis and Denzel Washington in Viola Davis and Denzel Washington in Photo: Paramount Pictures


“The Big Sick”

Nov. 27

“London’s Finest”


“The Incomparable Rose Hartman”

Nov. 28

Click Clack Moo Holiday

Nov. 29

“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” (Season 1)

“The Circle”

Nov. 30

“Thursday Night Football: Washington team vs. Cowboys”

“Ogar: Will Of Steel”


Nov. 1

Ben Stiller in Ben Stiller in Photo: Paramount Network

“2 Fast 2 Furious” (1994)

“Along Came a Spider” (2001)

“Bachelor Party” (1984)

“Bird on a Wire” (1966)

“Bride of Chucky” (1998)

“Broken Lizard’s Club Dread (Extended Version Available)” (2004)

“The Day the Earth Stood Still” (2008)

“Fast & Furious” (2009)

“The Fast and the Furious” (2001)

“Good Morning, Vietnam” (1987)

“Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs” (2009)

“Pale Rider” (1985)

“The Sum of All Fears” (2002)

“Sweet November” (2001)

“Terminator Salvation (Director’s Cut Available)” (2009)

“Volunteers” (1985)

“W.” (2008)

“Zoolander” (2001)

Nov. 4

“Get Out” (2017)

Nov. 6

“Rolling Stone: Stories from the Edge, Part 1”

Nov. 7

“Rolling Stone: Stories from the Edge, Part 2”

Nov. 11

“The Lego Batman Movie” (2017)

“The Magical Wand Chase: A Sesame Street Special”

“War Dog: A Soldier’s Best Friend”

Nov. 13

“A United Kingdom” (2017)

Nov. 18

“The Great Wall” (2017)

“Night of Too Many Stars: America Unites for Autism Program”

Nov. 19

“Mechanic: Resurrection” (2016)

Nov. 20

“Baltimore Rising”

Nov. 25

Samuel L. Jackson in Samuel L. Jackson in Photo: Warner Bros.

“Kong: Skull Island” (2017)

Nov. 26

“Warcraft” (2016)

Nov. 27

“Meth Storm”


Nov. 1

Cedric the Entertainer in Cedric the Entertainer in Photo: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

“13 Going on 30” (2004)

“25th Hour” (2002)

“5th Kind” (2017)

“The 13th Warrior” (1999)

“The Air up There” (1994)

“A View to Kill” (1985)

“Air Bud 2: Golden Receiver” (1998)

“Airplane!” (1980)

“Airplane II: The Sequel” (1982)

“Alfie” (2004)

“The Aristocats” (1970)

“Arizona Bushwhackers” (1967)

“Ashby” (2015)

“The Associate” (1996)

“Bad Boys” (1983)

“Bad Santa” (2003)

“Barbarella” (1968)

“Barbershop” (2002)

“Barbershop 2: Back in Business” (2004)

“Beowulf” (2007)

“Blown Away” (1994)

“Bound” (1996)

“Bram Stoker’s Dracula” (1992)

“Brother Bear” (2003)

“Celtic Pride” (1996)

“Christmas Classics: Jingle Bells” (2010)

“Christmas Classics: O’Christmas Tree” (1999)

“Christmas Classics: Santa’s Christmas Crash” (1998)

“Christmas Classics: Santa’s Christmas Snooze” (1995)

“Christmas Classics: We Wish You a Merry Christmas” (1999)

“Christmas with the Cranks” (2004)

“Chuck Jones Collection: A Very Merry Cricket” (2016)

“Corky Romano” (2001)

“Cougars, Inc.” (2011)

“Crocodile Dundee” (1986)

“Crocodile Dundee II (1988)

“D3: the Mighty Ducks (1996)

“Dances with Wolves (1990)

“Dead Hands Dig Deep (2016)

“Dead Man on Campus” (1998)

“Delta Farce” (2007)

“Diamonds Are Forever” (1971)

“Die Another Day” (2002)

“Dirty Work” (1998)

“Double Take” (2001)

“Doug’s First Movie” (1999)

“Dr. No” (1963)

“Ella Enchanted” (2004)

“Flesh + Blood” (1985)

“For Your Eyes Only” (1981)

“From Russia With Love” (1964)

“Goldeneye” (1995)

“Goldfinger” (1964)

“Grumpy Old Men” (1993)

“Grumpier Old Men” (1995)

“Home for the Holidays” (1995)

“How to Build a Time Machine” (2016)

“The Hunchback of Notre Dame II” (2002)

“Jacob’s Ladder” (1990)

“Journey to Space” (2015)

“The Joy Luck Club” (1993)

“Jungle to Jungle” (1997)

“Jungle Book – Live Action” (1994)

“K-19: The Widowmaker “(2002)

“Kazaam” (1996)

“Kung Fu Hustle” (2005)

“Larger than Life” (1996)

“Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector” (2006)

“Legally Blondes” (2009)

“License to Kil”l (1989)

“Little Man” (2006)

“Live and Let Die” (1973)

“The Living Daylights” (1987)

“Maid in Manhattan” (2002)

“Man of the House” (2005)

“The Man with the Golden Gun” (1974)

“The Marrying Man” (1991)

“Mean Creek” (2004)

“Men in Black” (1997)

“The Mighty Quinn” (1989)

“Moonlight Mile” (2002)

“Moonraker” (1979)

“The Mothman Prophecies” (2002)

“Mr. Holland’s Opus” (1995)

“Never Say Never Again” (1983)

“Nixon” (1995)

“Ocean’s Eleven” (2001)

“Octopussy” (1983)

“On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” (1969)

“Open Range” (2003)

“Out Cold” (2001)

“Outside Providence” (1999)

“The Peacemaker”(1997)

“Permanent Midnight” (1998)

“Pinocchio” (2002)

“Proof” (2005)

“Pumpkin” (2002)

“Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings” (1994)

“The Purple Rose of Cairo” (1985)

“The Quiet American” (2002)

“The Rescuers” (1977)

“Rabbit-Proof Fence” (2002)

“The Saint” (1997)

“Saved!” (2004)

“Scream” (1996)

“Shaolin Soccer” (2001)

“She’s All That” (1999)

“Shopgirl” (2005)

“Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the 13th” (2001)

“Six Days, Seven Nights” (1998)

“Split Decisions” (1988)

“The Spy who Loved Me” (1977)

“Summer’s Moon” (2009)

“The Swan Princess: The Mystery of the Enchanted Treasure” (1998)

“The Swan Princess Christmas” (2012)

“The Sweetest Thing” (2002)

“The Sword in the Stone” (1963)

“Teen Wolf” (1985)

“Terminator 2: Judgement Day” (1991)

“Thunderball” (1965)

“Tomorrow Never Dies” (1997)

“Treasure Planet” (2002)

“Unforgettable” (1996)

“Up in the Air” (2009)

“The Usual Suspects” (1995)

“What’s the Worst that Could Happen?” (2001)

“Winnie the Pooh: A Very Merry Pooh Year” (2002)

“Winter’s Bone” (2010)

“The World is not Enough” (1999)

“You Only Live Twice” (1967)

Nov. 2

“The Penguin King” (2012)

Nov. 4

“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” (Season 12)

“Man Seeking Woman” (Season 3)

“Tyler Perry’s Boo! A Madea Halloween” (2016)

Nov. 5

“Hannah Montana the Movie” (2009)

“Life on the Line” (2016)

“Zero Days” (2016)

Nov. 7

“Vanderpump Rules” (Season 5)

Nov. 8

“Gadgetgang in Outerspace” (2017)

“Much Ado About Nothing” (2013)

“Oddball” (2015)

“White Haired Witch” (2014)

Nov. 10

“Taboo” (Season 1)

“Allied” (2016)

“Austin Found” (2017)

“The Song” (2014)

Nov. 11

“Citizen Jane” (2017)

“Obey Giant” (2017)

“Their Finest” (2016)

Nov. 14


“Future Man” (Series Premiere)

“Guidance” (Season 2)

Nov. 15

“Uncontrollably Fond” (Season 1)

“Extract” (2009)

“Iron Sky” (2012)

“Parkland” (2013)

“Still Breathing” (1997)

Nov. 16

“Gameface” (Season 1)

“There’s…Johnny!” (Season 1)

“Whose Streets?” (2017)

Nov. 19

“Baskets” (Season 2)

“Man Down” (2016)

Nov. 20

“Whitey” (1980)

Nov. 21


“Blossom” (Complete Series)

“Marvel’s Runaways (Series Premiere)

Nov. 22

“The Assassin Next Door” (2009)

“Stander” (2003)

Nov. 23

“Prison Break” (Seasons 1-5)

“Happy Christmas” (2014)

Nov. 24

“Fences” (2016)

Nov. 30

“Monkey Business” (2017)

“Person to Person” (2017)

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