Justin Timberlake’s Futuristic New Music Video Has Cults, Alligators, a David Bowie Homage, and Even Pharrell

“Supplies” is the second single off the pop star’s upcoming album “Man of the Woods”

January 18, 2018

The future looks bleak, at least according to Justin Timberlake’s latest music video, but at least 2014 Stern Show guest Pharrell will be there.

On Thursday, the pop star dropped the official music video for “Supplies” (above), a Pharrell-produced single from Timberlake’s upcoming album “Man of the Woods.”

Directed by frequent Kendrick Lamar collaborator Dave Meyers, the dystopian, politically charged clip begins with Timberlake watching real-life protests on a ton TVs at the same time. In addition to being a statement on the current state of the world, it’s perhaps an homage to late music legend David Bowie’s 1975 film “The Man Who Fell to Earth,” which featured a similar scene.

Timberlake’s journey only gets wackier from there. Throughout the course of the video, he and his on-screen sidekick (played by scantily clad Mexican beauty Eiza González) step through several strange set pieces, including desert dystopias, a street with metallic painted alligators and floating umbrellas, and a beach with cultists worshipping a burning pyramid. There’s also a cameo from Pharrell himself, during which he and Timberlake dance around with flashlights outside the Los Angeles Public Library.

“Supplies,” which also includes a “Walking Dead” reference in the chorus, is the second single off “Man of the Woods,” due out next month. As previously announced, the album will feature a number of star-studded collaborations, including one with Grammy-winning country sensation and 2017 Stern Show guest Chris Stapleton.

“Man of the Woods” is available Feb. 2. Check out the video for “Supplies” (above).

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