Most Memorable Wack Pack and Stern Show Superfan Moments of 2018

From Marfan Mike's induction to the Wack Pack to Tan Mom’s memorable “Free 2 Be Me” music video

December 26, 2018
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

From fashion shows and game shows to prank calls and music videos, the Wack Pack was an integral part of what made the Stern Show great in 2018. While Howard said goodbye to a legend in Evil David Letterman, he also ushered in a brand-new Wack Packer in Marfan Mike.

So, as we turn the page on another epic chapter in the show’s history, let’s look back at the year’s most epic Wack Pack and Superfan moments:

King of All Blacks Judges the Stern Show Staff’s Fashion

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

In May, the Stern Show staff strutted their stuff in studio as longtime caller and fashion aficionado King of All Blacks sat in and evaluated each of their clothes. Gary Dell’Abate, Ronnie Mund, Brent Hatley, Jason Kaplan, Rahsaan Rogers, Jon Hein, and even Howard’s stylist Ralph Cirella all came in and allowed King to look them over—rest assured, King had something to say about every person’s attire.

Click here to watch the FULL King of All Blacks Fashion Show on the SiriusXM app.

The Wack Pack Conclave

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Marfan Mike has been angling to join the Wack Pack for years and in May a decision on his fate was finally made after key Wack Packers formed a conclave in the Stern Show studio and voted on whether he’d be admitted. Wack Packer High Pitch Erik, a former high school classmate of Mike’s, led an effort to block his induction and he and Asian Pete voted no. But they were outnumbered by Wendy the Slow Adult, Medicated Pete, and Jeff the Drunk who all voted to let him in.

Hear Marfan Mike get officially sworn in as a Wack Packer (below).

Howard Remembers Evil Dave Letterman

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

In 2018, the Stern Show said goodbye to a legend in Evil David Letterman, a man whose speaking voice sounded nearly identical to that of the famed late-night host.

“His David Letterman was so good, he really didn’t need another impression,” Howard said. “Evil Dave made us laugh a lot over the years and he will be missed.”

Listen to Evil Dave trying his best to pronounce celebrity names in the audio clip (below).

Tan Mom’s “Nicole Kidman” Prank

Wack Packer Patricia “Tan Mom” Krentcil enjoyed quite the 2018. Among other things, she was the focus of a memorable prank courtesy of Stern Show staffers Sal Governale and Richard Christy during which they convinced her to impersonate Australian actress Nicole Kidman for what she thought was a 12-year-old boy stricken with the Ebola virus (but was actually fellow staffer Chris Wilding).

Not only did Tan Mom go through with the prank and don what she thought was an Australian accent, she even offered to give Chris some of her blood. Watch what happened (above).

Sour Shoes 15th Anniversary/Sour Calls Gary’s Friends and Family

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

In June, Wack Packer and master impressionist Sour Shoes celebrated 15 years of calling into the Stern Show. To honor the momentous milestone, Howard played audio from a prank involving one of Sour’s most brilliant impersonations—that of Stern Show executive producer Gary Dell’Abate.

Take a listen to Sour Shoes calling Gary’s friends and family (below).

High Pitch Erik Becomes Low Pitch Erik

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Though High Pitch Erik’s claim to fame has always been his soprano-like speaking voice, Howard learned in November the Wack Packer talks much differently after some physical activity. Stern Show staffer Shuli Egar made the discovery while attending a football game with Erik and even caught the incident on his tape recorder.

“He turned into Barry White,” Howard joked after listening. Hear it (below)

Jeff the Drunk’s Blister

Jeff the Drunk’s infamous Lump took a backseat in 2018 to a new ailment on the Wack Packer’s body—a hideous blister. In July, he called in and explained he’d spent much of the summer tanning and as a result a massive blister formed on his leg. Making the situation worse, Jeff took matters into his own hand before consulting a doctor. “I popped the fucking thing and it was all dead skin, so I took it all off,” he explained.

Take a look (below).

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Tan Mom and Adam Barta’s “Free 2 Be Me”

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Patricia “Tan Mom” Krentcil and producer Adam Barta teamed up in 2018 to shock the world by releasing “Free 2 Be Me,” a catchy dance tune signaling the Wack Packer was ready to shed her infamous nickname and felt free to start going by “Patricia Marie.”

The recording process had its fair share of hiccups, of course, with Patricia once confusing the recording booth with a shower. The duo eventually performed the song in the Stern Show studio (below) and even produced a music video, which made its worldwide debut in December on the SiriusXM app. Howard and Robin watched the video scene-by-scene on the air, trying to piece together its meaning.

30 Years of Fred the Elephant Boy

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

After 30 years of phone calls, appearances, stunts, and revelations on the Stern Show, Fred the Elephant Boy is officially the longest-serving member of the Wack Pack. Howard celebrated the milestone in November by playing Fred’s very first call to the studio (below).

The Stern Show has played a large part in Fred’s life ever since that 1988 phone call. In fact, after revealing he was a 30-year-old virgin, Fred was quickly invited to the studio to participate in a Dial-a-Date segment, leading to his first sexual experience with a woman. In the years since, Fred has maintained a consistent presence on the show participating in memorable stunts like Prostate Karaoke and Bobo’s Walk of Shame.

“The question is, is Elephant Boy on the Wack Pack Mt. Rushmore—and I say yes,” Howard said.

High Pitch Erik’s Gay Lie Detector Test

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Stern Show listeners received an early Christmas present in December with Howard welcoming Ed Torian into the studio to administer High Pitch Erik’s Gay Lie Detector Test in the hope of determining the Wack Packer’s sexual orientation once and for all.

The test results were revelatory though sometimes contradictory, with Erik admitting he wanted to have sex with certain male celebrities even though he was grossed out by penises in general. Erik was also was found to have cheated on his much-discussed diet. “Well, you tested positive for gay and fat,” Howard joked after Ed shared his findings.

Howard then welcomed Erik into the gay community with some help from three gay male porn stars and Stern Show staffer Chris Wilding, who gave the Wack Packer an in-studio massage. “How far up do you want me to go,” Chris asked while kneeling in front of Erik. “I want to make sure you’re comfortable … this is your first gay massage.”

Click here to watch the full High Pitch Erik Lie Detector Test on the SiriusXM app.

Tan Mom and Medicated Pete’s Families Compete on Wack Pack Feud

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

The Stern Show kicked off Christmas Week 2018 with the Wack Pack Feud featuring two teams captained by Tan Mom and Medicated Pete competing in studio for a $1,000 prize. Tan Mom’s “family,” including her husband Richard and her “Free 2 Be Me” collaborator Adam Barta, wound up beating Medicated Pete’s “family,” which included his mother and also fellow Wack Packer Asian Pete, with a final score of 168 to 88. See how the action unfolded (below) and find out why Medicated Pete stuck around to show Fred Norris his penis here.

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