PHOTOS: Revisit 2018’s Biggest Staff and Wack Pack Moments With Fabulous Fan Art

See some of the talented artwork created by the Stern Show audience

December 20, 2018

With 2018 coming to a close, it’s time to look back on some of the Stern Show’s biggest celebrations, revelations, and competitions — all through the lens of the talented artists in our audience.

Check out some of the impressive pieces of fan art from 2018 (below).

The Stern Show staff offered ample inspiration for fan artwork this year. Howard’s limo driver Ronnie Mund had a particularly active year in which he turned 69.

In fact, Ronnie even let on that he has a few plans for retirement when the time comes.

But even at 69, his sex life hasn’t slowed down one bit.

The audience even met Ronnie’s mom, who became a breakout star on the show.

Maybe the most talked-about photo edit of the year, though, came from Ronnie himself when it was discovered he had been using a promotion photo of his head pasted onto actor Dean Cain’s body.

Stern Show Executive Producer Gary Dell’Abate, meanwhile, took the opportunity this year to remind himself to “slow down” after making a few mistakes while writing emails.

He also went on a 30-day diet to lose a few pounds, but came back with quite an appetite, especially for chocolate.

Gary wasn’t the only one concerned with his health. Richard Christy had quite a few afflictions in 2018 including gout and a rotting jaw.

Neither of those ailments caused as much concern as when staffer Steve Nowicki had a stripper’s underwear forced into his mouth at an event hosted by Ronnie Mund.

Luckily, it didn’t seem to affect his ability to imitate Sal Governale’s father Tony.

Speaking of Sal, the beloved longtime staffer gave the audience a look at just how qualified he would be to work outside of the Stern Show with his much-discussed mock job interview.

If all else fails, he could always live in a college residence hall like his co-worker Benjy Bronk did this year.

Memet Walker, conversely, will not be going back to college after proving he had the higher I.Q. in a battle against Brent Hatley.

Furthermore, Memet told Howard he had graduated therapy at one point in the year and later revealed he was living his life as a “bad cowboy” during the weekends.

JD Harmeyer’s year was full of love as he finally got married in a private ceremony near Las Vegas.

Unfortunately, Fred Norris wasn’t invited so he couldn’t perform his rendition of “The Great American Nightmare” on kazoo at the reception.

The rest of the staff wasn’t invited, either, but they still opted to treat JD to an on-air bachelor party featuring a slew of very special guests.

The Wack Pack also had a lot to celebrate this year, including the addition of a new member in Marfan Mike. Mike got in contact with Shuli Egar and revealed he had gone to school with High Pitch Erik.

While Erik was opposed to Mike’s induction, a quorum of his peers decided otherwise at the Wack Pack Conclave.

On the other end of the spectrum, Fred the Elephant Boy celebrated 30 years with the Wack Pack.

Tan Mom also had a big year between turning 50, considering a big move to Florida, and releasing her hit single “Free 2 Be Me.”

If Tan Mom does end up moving to Florida she can meet up with Stern Show superfan Bobo, who told Howard he frequently hangs out at Disney World but in disguise so he isn’t noticed by adoring fans.

That wasn’t the most shocking news from the frequent caller, though. Bobo also admitted to getting intimate with the vacuum hose in his parents’ house one time.

Still, his story wasn’t nearly as scintillating as Mariann from Brooklyn’s “Tissue Time” segment.

Howard had to be careful to make sure it was actually Mariann on the phone this year, though, after discovering Sour Shoes had mastered his impression of her.

And finally, this year the Stern Show celebrated one of the most renowned Wack Packers with Beetle’s Channel dedicated to the one and only Beetlejuice.

Thanks to all of the fantastic Stern Show fan artists—see you in 2019!