Most Memorable Wack Pack and Stern Show Superfan Moments of 2017

From Bobo's Walk of Shame to High Pitch Erik's celebrity butt grab

December 21, 2017
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Whether it’s Jeff “the Vomit Guy” Levy getting puked on, Steve From Florida getting his old name back, or High Pitch Erik getting a handful of celebrity buttocks, it seemed as if in 2017 Howard was able to make just about every Stern Show favorite’s dreams come true.

So, as another epic chapter in the show’s history comes to a close, let’s look back at the year’s most epic Wack Pack and Superfan moments:

Bobo’s Walk of Shame

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Bobo went by Steve From Florida for quite some time thanks to a series of mishaps which resulted in Howard stripping the frequent Stern Show caller of his beloved name, but in late June the benevolent King of All Media gave him an opportunity to reclaim his old moniker.

To do so, however, Steve From Florida would have to endure a “Game of Thrones”-style Walk of Shame.

It began with Howard selecting Steve From Florida’s walking outfit—an ill-fitting, green mankini. From there he hit the mean streets of New York City to begin his journey, which also involved Howard feeding him embarrassing lines to yell out while walking. Steve From Florida was joined by Asian Pete, Fred the Elephant Boy, and High Pitch Erik who trailed behind him while ringing bells and yelling “Shame!”

Was it enough for Bobo to win back his old name? Listen to a clip from the show (below) to find out and check out more images from his historic trek here.

Jeff “the Vomit Guy” Levy Gets His Wish

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

After calling in several times over the first few months of the year to expound upon his long-standing fantasy of being puked on by women, Jeff “the Vomit Guy” Levy returned to the Stern Show in August to once again have his dreams come true.

This time he would be serviced by Lindsay, a veteran fetish professional armed with a “very sensitive gag reflex.” Lindsay wasn’t the only one who tossed her cookies on that fateful day, however.

Jimmy Kimmel, who was sitting in on the show, began to feel sick before she even got started. “It looks like a satanic ritual is about to happen,” Jimmy said. “I already feel like I’m going to throw up.”

Everyone in the studio felt a little sick after Lindsay finally made Jeff’s dreams come true by vomiting all over him, but Jimmy wasn’t the next person to puke—it was Stern Show staffer Richard Christy who emptied the contents of his stomach despite wearing a full hazmat suit.

Jeff, meanwhile, savored the moment. “I think I’m a deviant, but in a good kind of way,” he told Howard.

Click here for more pictures of Jeff “the Vomit Guy” living out his fantasy and listen to a clip (below).

Shuli Marches With Underdog in the Coney Island Mermaid Parade

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Shuli Egar dressed up like a pirate in August and marched with the indomitable Suzanne “Underdog” Muldowney in the Coney Island Mermaid Parade. It was the 24th consecutive year marching in the parade for Underdog, who this time chose to dress as “Sunny Suzy the Sunshine Mermaid.”

While she was initially reluctant to let the Stern Show staff member join her, Underdog eventually relented. She even seemed pleased he chose to dress up like a pirate, though cautioned him against trying to catch her.

“Were pirates ever renowned for going after mermaids?” Underdog asked. “Because if you’re trying to catch me you’ll need a fish net.”

The costume didn’t exempt Shuli from following a strict set of rules, though. “Stay a few paces back,” she scolded him on numerous occasions.

After the parade, Shuli and Underdog walked over to a Mister Softee truck for a milkshake. “I don’t go for all those particles in the shake,” she said of flavors like cookies and cream. “I like a smooth, creamy consistency with no lumps.”

Get more pictures from the event here and listen to a clip of Shuli and Suzanne’s day at Coney Island (above).

Wack Pack Visits “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

The Wack Pack was out in full force for Howard’s October appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” While the show’s cameras panned to the likes of Mariann from Brooklyn, High Pitch Erik, and Fred the Elephant Boy throughout the course of the night, it was Albany native Jeff the Drunk who reportedly stole the show after Howard finished taping.

The Wack Packer, who later admitted he had eaten a marijuana edible, was videotaped by a fan taking a fall on an escalator as a security guard assisted him. Watch footage from the event (above).

Jeff wasn’t the only star of the show. Medicated Pete had a more glamorous moment on camera before the taping when he volunteered to go onstage and sing a cover of “Purple Rain.” As fans will recall, the Prince classic is a favorite of Pete’s and he has broken into it on numerous occasions.

This time, Pete was accompanied by Paul Shaffer, who was in the midst of a mini-residency with Kimmel, as well as the full band. Watch footage of the moment (below) and get more on the Wack Pack’s visit to Jimmy Kimmel live here.

Jeff the Drunk Quits After Possibly Getting Catfished

Photo: Periscope

A tumble on an escalator wasn’t Jeff the Drunk’s only noteworthy moment covered on the Stern Show in 2017.

Toward the end of the year he pulled a Periscope stunt that even had seasoned Wack Pack expert Shuli Egar cringing. Jeff sent the show footage of himself engaging in cyber-sex with fans of his live streams, insisting it was only done in private “scopes” with select female admirers.

“There’s, like, a handful of women that I do this with on a regular basis,” he told the Stern Show. “I do this quite often. It might be a surprise, or maybe not.”

Shuli, who was sent the tape by Jeff, told Howard it was “so brutal” to watch. In it, the Wack Packer can be heard breathing heavily, talking dirty, and counting off. “Each time it ‘comes out,’ he counts it,” Shuli explained.

When Robin Quivers prodded Jeff about whether he really believed any woman wanted to watch such a video, Shuli revealed his opinion that the viewers might not actually be female.

“I don’t know for sure about this French girl, but I do know that I’ve interviewed people in the past from his stable that he thought for sure were chicks and one guy was using his sister-in-law’s picture as his profile picture,” Shuli said.

Jeff was adamant that these viewers, whom he only sees over text, are indeed women. “Shuli don’t know shit!” he fumed.

Was he really being catfished into masturbating for men on Persicope?

The world may never know for sure, but one thing’s clear: just the thought of it set Jeff the Drunk into a tizzy. Perceiving the segment to be an attack on his character as opposed to an offer of assistance from staff, the Wack Packer fired back on Periscope in a wild tirade that saw him cursing both Howard and Shuli’s names.

On Twitter, he took an even stronger stance, telling his 55,000 followers he had decided to quit calling into the Stern Show for good. Check out Jeff’s full tweet (below).

Photo: Twitter

In light of the situation, Howard assembled a group of staff and Wack Packers to give their reactions to Jeff’s eruption. Take a listen (below).

Of course, Jeff couldn’t stay gone for long. He called back in that very same morning and hung up on Howard multiple times, unable to contain his anger. In his last call he did apologize for calling the King of All Media an “asshole” but insisted he was done. “I’ve always felt that I’m above the Wack Pack, and so I’m glad to be not part of the Wack Pack,” Jeff declared.

High Pitch Erik’s Surgery and Triumphant, Ass-Grabbing Return

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Earlier this year High Pitch Erik announced plans to undergo gastric sleeve surgery in order to get his weight under control. In November, after enduring a few pizza-related, pre-operational pranks, the procedure went off without a hitch.

Never afraid to share the most intimate moments of his life with his fans, the Wack Packer called into the Stern Show just days later to share every last detail of his experience.

“The only thing I was nervous about was that anesthesia—I hate the smell of it,” he told Howard. “The anesthesiologist called me the night before … I said, ‘Listen, I hate the smell of anesthesia. Is there a way you can change the smell of it, like a flavor … like a chocolate-smelling anesthesia?’”

Erik naturally glossed over a few details, but thankfully Stern Show staffer Shuli Egar was there to help document the experience. Listen to audio of Erik as he’s getting an IV line installed (below).

As a reward for his weight-loss surgery bravery, Howard then gifted the Wack Packer a special experience he will be sure to cherish for the rest of his days: a handful of Donnie Wahlberg’s butt.

On the last show of the year (and after reporting a 52-pound weight loss after the surgery) Erik met his “Blue Bloods” and New Kids on the Block idol in the studio for what some might describe as a magical encounter which culminated in Donnie allowing Erik to squeeze his ass cheeks.

“It’s very soft,” the Wack Packer described of the flesh, his bottom lip trembling. Erik released his grip after a gentle tap on the hand by Donnie and ultimately rated the entertainer’s butt a perfect 10.

Listen to a clip from the show (below) and check out more photos of the butt grab in all its glory here.

15 Years of Wendy the Slow Adult

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

February marked the 15th anniversary of Wendy the Slow Adult’s first call to the Stern Show. Howard celebrated the milestone by sending Stern Show correspondent Wolfie down to Florida to go Embedded with the beloved Wack Packer.

The two spent an eventful day together which included dumpster diving (for both meat and produce), panhandling, and a chili-filled fast-food lunch.

Listen to a clip from the embedded special (above) and see more pictures from their day together here. To further celebrate Wendy’s contributions to the Stern Show, check out this timeline chronicling some of her most memorable moments. You can also listen back to her very first call into the show (below).

More Embedded Specials

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Wendy wasn’t the only Wack Packer who found themselves at the center of an Embedded special in 2017: Bigfoot and Tan Mom were also given the special honor.

After dumpster diving with Wendy in Florida, Wolfie traveled to Vermont in the dead of winter so he could be Embedded with Bigfoot at the 59-year-old Wack Packer’s home. Bigfoot lives in what Wolfie observed to be a filthy apartment with two alleged squatters who refuse to leave. “I’ve seen animals that have better living conditions than this place,” the Stern Show correspondent told Howard.

Among the uncovered containers of rotting food and spread of decaying carpet, one of the first things Wolfie noticed was that Bigfoot slept on the living room couch instead of in his bedroom. When he inquired as to why, Bigfoot said the bedroom is infested with quarter-sized spiders. “I noticed the bite marks on my legs and stuff,” he said

“It sounds like the gateway to hell,” Howard said while listening to the segment.

Bigfoot, who admitted he showers only once a week but hasn’t brushed his teeth in years, even gave an interview while conducting business on the toilet. Listen to a clip from the segment (below) and see more photos from Bigfoot’s home here.

Memet Walker, meanwhile, partook in several Embedded specials of his own. In addition to spending some time with former professional baseball player Lenny Dykstra, the Stern Show staffer also experienced a day in the life of Patricia “Tan Mom” Krentcil.

Memet, or “Lemet” as he is known to Tan Mom, visited her at home and described the neighborhood as seemingly normal—but the same couldn’t be said for her house. “It looks like a haunted house when you walk up to it,” he told Howard. “It does look like the house from ‘Psycho.’”

Before getting started he had to do a microphone check which turned out to be more difficult than expected. Memet simply asked Tan Mom to say, “Test 1-2-3,” but she had other things on her mind.

“This is Patricia. I hate marriage and my exes come around and stuff like that. But I just want to elaborate that my landscapers and everything haven’t done anything for me,” Tan Mom said into the mic.

“It’s like interviewing someone on acid,” Memet told Howard.

The two did a lot during their day together, including of course a trip to the tanning salon. Listen to more of the Embedded special (above) and learn even more about Tan Mom here.

Medicated Pete Sells Cars for a Day

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Wack Pack member Medicated Pete hadn’t driven a car in over five years when friend of the Stern Show Wayne Siegel took him under his wing and gave him a job selling new cars on the Legend Auto Group showroom floor.

Wayne said it took a couple of days to get Pete ready, but that Pete showed up prepared, having researched ahead of time which models in stock were the best sellers. “That was actually impressive,” Wayne said.

Despite encountering a few speed bumps at first, the Wack Packer was improbably able to sell a “Rogue One” Star Wars Limited Edition Nissan Rogue to a married couple in the market for a new vehicle. “The wife didn’t want the car. Pete was persistent,” Wayne told Howard, adding “We were in awe.”

Once the sale was made, Medicated Pete was caught on tape repeating the phrase “done deal” over and over again, seemingly to himself. The Wack Packer wound up selling a second car that afternoon, too, and his salary for the day plus the commission for selling the automobiles amounted to a $500 check, which Wayne presented to Pete on the air.

Listen to him work his magic in the showroom (below) and see more photos of his short-lived gig as a car salesman here.

Sour Shoes Returns

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Sour Shoes called back into Stern Show in January after a months-long hiatus, leaving a series of voicemails using his popular Gary Dell’Abate impersonation. Despite being away for so long, the staff agreed that his impressions remained spot on.

“Hello, hello. Wow. George Michael. What do you say?” Sour Shoes said as Gary in the first voicemail before telling a long story about having the British pop star on the Stern Show decades ago.

His second, meanwhile, consisted of him singing George Michael’s hit “I Want Your Sex” as Gary.

The calls were music to everyone’s ears, Howard and Robin included. “I gotta say, I laughed hard when I heard that. And I was happy to hear him again,” Howard said.

Listen to Sour Shoes’ triumphant Stern Show return (below).

Will the Wack Pack Lend Howard Money?

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard has been generous to the Wack Pack over the years, but in 2017 the Stern Show decided to see if they would return the favor.

It started in September with a call to Wendy the Slow Adult. “She always calls me and asks me for money” Howard told Robin on air. “What would happen if I called Wendy and told her I was broke and I needed a couple of bucks? Would she lend me money?”

Turns out, she wouldn’t. “I’m waiting ‘til my mom has some money to give me so I can do some things,” Wendy explained to Howard.

But the generosity experiment didn’t end with Wendy. In subsequent months, Howard also asked Gary the Conqueror, Bigfoot, and Tan Mom if they’d be willing to lend him some cash.

Gary declined whereas Tan Mom and Bigfoot both said they’d be willing to help Howard. Tan Mom even agreed to mail him the money ASAP … if one simple Sal Governale-related demand was met in return.

“I want to go out with Sal for the night and have a ton of fun,” she told Howard. “And it doesn’t need [to be] sex, just go out to dinner and laugh and make fun of how stupid everybody is.”

Hear the full call (below).

Eugene From Kentucky Makes a Splash

Photo: iStock

Many callers phone into the Stern Show on a daily basis, but in 2017 few made an impression quite like Eugene from Kentucky who won both a Flat Ronnie and the adoration of fellow listeners.

A day after his debut on the airwaves, Howard got the cattle farmer with a business degree back on the phone to chat some more and discovered he’d been a loyal listener since the late ’90s and his first call had been a long time coming.

“I didn’t think anybody wanted to talk to me,” Eugene explained. “My son just kept saying, ‘Call him daddy!’”

In honor of his fan-favorite status, Howard even rewarded Eugene with a spoon from JD Harmeyer’s treasured collection. The Stern Show staffer sorted through some of his spoons at the office and settled on sending a superhero-themed utensil.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Eugene was grateful for the gift. “We’ll use it at Thanksgiving dinner,” he told JD.

Click here for more of Eugene’s story and listen to him describe his “hotter than hot” wife for Howard (below).

High Pitch Erik Live Streams Pretty Much Everything

Photo: Periscope

Stern Show fans who this year hoped to get a closer look at High Pitch Erik’s life outside the studio were not disappointed. The Wack Packer live streamed a large portion of his everyday activities on Periscope and his own YouTube channel. His “highlights”—including watching the Yankees, arguing with fans, and demanding his lawyer Vinnie get him New Kids on the Block tickets—frequently became a topic of on-air conversation.

In one Periscope clip entitled “Snack time,” Erik told viewers he was going to eat a “whole jar of peanut butter” and, after pulling out a container of Skippy’s Roasted Honey Nut Creamy Peanut Butter, he did just that. As High Pitch licked the spoon clean, a robotic voice in the background offered direction. The voice turned out to be controlled by Vinnie, who was typing in messages which were then spoken by a computer.

Check it out (below).

In another clip, High Pitch Erik merely slept shirtless. “His belly is, like, glowing in the dark,” Howard said after watching footage.

Get more on High Pitch Erik’s latest live streaming habits here.